The Normalization of Mass Murder

The Normalization of Mass Murder

Paul Craig Roberts

I-am-an-Israeli Blinken, Israel’s Secretary of State for America, damned the case against Israel filed in the International Court of Justice as “meritless” and “galling” for two reasons. The case  could stop the ongoing genocide of Palestinians prior to completion of the job, and the case also applies to the US which enables the genocide with weapons, money, and diplomatic protection.

At any rate, it is clear to all that Blinken approves of genocide.  What else is the purpose of the wanton slaughter of civilians?  It is a massive war crime in plain view.  It shows the degeneracy of the Western World into evil that the “Christian, democratic” West supports genocide.  Note that the Western rulers did not mind killing their own citizens by withholding effective Covid treatments and injecting them with the deadly so-called “Covid vaccine.” Killing has been normalized, and more is on its way.

To fully understand Blinken’s degeneracy, note that he admitted that the “daily toll on civilians, particularly children, is far too high.” In other words, it would be OK if Israel were killing them at a lower daily rate.

Blinken is concerned that ruling against Israel would be a black eye to Israel’s reputation.  Think about this for a minute.  The concern is not genocide but Israel’s “black eye.” Think about it another minute.  Israel’s reputation is not harmed by genocidal mass murder of civilians that the entire world is witnessing, but Israel’s reputation would be harmed by a court’s ruling that what we all see is indeed happening.  This shows that truth is established by official narratives, not by facts.

Israel’s reply to the charge of genocide brought by South Africa is that the black country is anti-semitic and “is collaborating with a terror group that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.”  In other words, it is the Palestinians who are conducting genocide against Israel. 

The morally corrupt West has always covered up for Israel.  Watch the Western media turn the Palestinians into genocidists of Israel. 

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