The Termination of Christian Celebration

The Termination of Christian Celebration

Paul Craig Roberts

I remember when Easter was a major religious holiday. Today it is “Transgender Day of Visibility.” President Biden told us that “Today” this Easter Sunday, “we send a message to all transgender Americans You are America, and my entire administration and I have your back.”

The Resurrection of Christ has been replaced with a celebration of sexual perversion that includes “all LGBTQI+ Americans,” declared President Biden.

Easter moves about on the calendar between March and April. This year Easter is March 31. Biden might have meant that our celebration of sexual perversion day is henceforth on March 31, or he may think that Easter is always on March 31. Regardless, it wasn’t very unifying to identify Easter Sunday in 2024 with the celebration of LGBT etc.

Easter, like Christmas, has been secularized by agnostic gentiles and Jews. Christmas is Santa Claus bringing children gifts, and Easter is when a rabbit brings them baskets of candy. The destruction of the meaning of the two major Christian holidays seems to be complete.

The consequence of the successful coup against Christianity is that today the United States is a combination of Sodom and Gomorrah and a Tower of Babel. It will require a lot more than Donald Trump to resurrect the United States of America.

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