Texas Is Being Turned Into a Woke Democrat State

Texas Is Being Turned Into a Woke Democrat State

Paul Craig Roberts

The Biden Regime is using federal money to bribe the Aggies, Texas A&M University, to come up with ways to advance “race-based hiring” in public schools. https://texasscorecard.com/investigations/texas-am-advancing-race-based-hiring-in-schools/

Possible you remember or have heard that Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement was about judging “people by their character and not the color of their skin.” Once perhaps, but it has been a long time since. For half a century skin color has had preference, if it is non-white, in university admissions, employment and promotion.

Feminists latched onto the scheme and the female gender was also privileged.

This is not to say that no blacks and no females are qualified for their position. Many of them are. It is to say that they are in their position despite their qualifications because they constitute a privileged category before the law, a total violation of the US Constitution and its 14th Amendment.

The emphasis on “diversity” has prevailed over the merit-based system into which I was born and grew up. Today merit is considered racist, a white supremacy tool. Many gifted student programs and high schools for the exceptional have been shut down because two few blacks are qualified, and small presence of blacks violates the sacredness of “diversity” and “equity.”

A country whose education, employment and promotion is based on diversity and not on merit is a country that is failing, and most certainly America has long been a failing country. For example, we now have “diversity” appointments to prosecutorial offices such as prosecutors and attorney generals and as judges who have no understanding of law as a shield of the people, but who see it is a weapon to be used against disapproved parties. We see the total collapse of justice in America in the many examples of the Democrats’ Stalin show trials against President Trump and against the alleged “insurrectionists” who attended the Trump rally..

To the few remaining people of my generation it is astonishing that merit, which made America great and a ladder of upward mobility, has been officially cast aside for “diversity” in which advance is based on skin color, gender or self-proclaimed, non-biological gender.

Have the people who have created this deplorable situation ever wondered how a non-merit based mediocre society can be a superpower, an unipolar, a hegemony whose exceptional and indispensable existence gives it right to hegemony over the world?

China, the host of most of American manufacturing must wonder at the American Delusion.

Russia, whose power and economy have been greatly elevated by the mindless American sanctions, must wonder if the USA even qualifies as an opponent.

Even Iran no longer fears the US.

If you are so unfortunate as to live in New York City or other blue cities, your home and your rental properties can be stolen from you by the Democrats’ massive and ongoing wave of immigrant-invaders who can occupy your property in your absence and occupy your rental property between leases and you cannot evict them.

Regardless of the reality in which they live, many Americans still vote Democrat. When a people vote for their own-self destruction, it is clear that the country is finished.

Fort Worth, Texas, has a “cultural awareness program,” called “Diversity Matters Champions.” The city’s Diversity and Inclusion Department lists events, such as LGBT Pride Month, Juneteenth, and Hispanic Heritage Month. If a city employee attends 5 events, they will qualify as a “Diversity Matters Champion” and be qualified for advancement. https://texasscorecard.com/local/fort-worth-employees-can-become-dei-champions/

This is America today. The youth are lost to us, because they are no longer schooled in the virtues of a free society but are propagandized against it as white supremacy. Moreover, the freedom my generation experienced is almost gone, so American youth do not know freedom.

How can this be repaired? How can freedom be resurrected? Not in the public schools. University “education” departments turn out woke morons alienated against their country. Law schools turn out alienated graduates who regard the US Constitution as a racist document and prosecutors who regard law not as a shield of the people but as a weapon to be wielded against the people.

This is all serious and truth. There is no free country here.

As Parts 1, 2, and 3 of The Great Dispossession make clear, our remaining independence is about to be brought to an end.

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