The New York City Council No Longer Differentiates Between Illegal Aliens and US Citizens

The New York City Council No Longer Differentiates Between Illegal Aliens and US Citizens

Paul Craig Roberts

The New York City Council is begging the New York state Supreme Court to permit the council to ignore the New York state constitution that only permits citizens to vote.

The city council says that allowing illegal immigrants to vote can only strengthen democracy “by increasing civic engagement.”

Think about this for a moment. For the NY City Council, the only difference between an American citizen and an illegal alien is that the alien is discriminated against by not being allowed to vote.

It was obvious from the beginning that this is what happens when a country allows immigrant-invaders to settle among the legal population. The illegals become part of the population and, thus, denying them the vote is discrimination.

It was totally obvious from the beginning that accepting illegal entry would create an untenable situation: a population partly illegal and party legal. As it has proved impossible to prevent entry of multi-millions of immigrant-invaders and impossible to remove them, before long the illegal population in America will exceed in size the actual citizens of the country.

It is curious that the US, whose government is so anxious to go to war over the borders of foreign countries has no concern for its own borders.

So what is the purpose of US national defense? Is it only to protect Ukraine’s border and Israel’s border, but never America’s border? That seems to be the case.

It is extraordinary that if you ask this sensible question you are branded a racist. In the United States it is now racist to defend the US border. And of course, the Democrats do not defend the border which is so porous that it doesn’t exist.

The federal government, the government of America, is using the judicial system to prevent Texas from defending its and America’s border.

The obvious question is: why does the federal government represent immigrant invaders instead of American citizens, and why do federal courts come down on the side of eliminating any difference between an American citizen and an illegal invader?

Why are long-established websites such as being suppressed by government authorities simply for pointing out what is at stake?

Something is seriously wrong with the mentality of the American people who clearly are incapable of recognizing that their country is being stolen from them to the point that many offer to sponsor immigrant-invaders.

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