How Private Interests Seized Control of America

How Private Interests Seized Control of America

Paul Craig Roberts

One thing that we know with certainty about our time is that no Western government represents the people it rules.

Western governments represent the interests of those whose campaign contributions elect the government. The government is simply purchased by campaign contributors. It is not a government in the sense of the word used by Thomas Jefferson and Albert Jay Nock. In the United States, the Supreme Court has legalized the purchase of the government by special interests who use government for their agendas. The Supreme Court actually ruled that it is a First Amendment right to purchase the government.

Elsewhere in the Western world it is even worse, because the governments must first represent Washington’s interest. As representing Washington seldom conforms to their interests, no Western government has the support of the people.

I recently posted the approval ratings of the German chancellor, the British prime minister, and the French president, and they were even lower than Biden’s. The German chancellor has an approval rating of 17% In other words, 83% of Germans disapproved. Yet he rules them.

Everywhere in Europe approval ratings are disapproval ratings with European leaders disapproved by 65 to 70% of the populations.

How can this be called democracy? It can’t.

Albert Jay Nock told us the truth of our situation in  1935 in the most important book describing the American political system that has ever been written. If you read and understand Nock’s book and read a couple of Charles Beard’s political histories of the US, you will have a very clear understanding why freedom in America is being extinguished.

Albert Jay Nock distinguishes between social power and state power. Social power is when people have power. Then you have government. State power is when the state has power. Then you have tyranny. This situation is one in which government becomes privatized by powerful interests, including government agencies, to serve their agendas and is transformed into an unaccountable state.

Thomas Jefferson intended for the new nation to be governed by social power, that is, by the people. But other of the founding fathers wanted state power that they could enlist to privilege their pursuit of their own interest. Nock provides examples of this by the original founders. In my opinion, perhaps the best example of this was 60-70 years later with Abe Lincoln’s service to the railroads and support of the northern manufacturers for a tariff that would serve their interest at the expense of higher prices for the population. It was Lincoln’s support of the tariff that caused the secession of the Southern states and Lincoln’s invasion of the Confederacy. To cover up the fact that Lincoln was nothing but a shill for economic interests, historians invented a false account of Lincoln’s war against the Confederacy.

In the Western world democracy is merely an exercise used to convince the people that they are in control. I am not going to explicate Nock’s explanation of how we were doomed from the start. It began with the replacement of popular sovereignty with the state. Today unthinking patriots support the state at the expense of country and popular sovereignty.

Originally, state power grew by handing out special favors to support the interests of those who gained control of the state. Today the situation has greatly worsened. The state is used to suppress those who object to the special interest agendas.

For example, consider the massive repression of popular sovereignty. 
Websites, such as, that point out the adverse consequences of the state turning a nation into a tower of babel are being suppressed by the state. has been explaining that massive immigration of unassimilable people into a country in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” actually means the destruction of the nation. The ultimate effect is to eliminate diversity.

A country without an ethnic basis, a common language, a common religion and morality is a tower of babel, not a nation. The liberal-left and the Democrat Party have been turning America into a tower of babel for many years.

Apparently, has had enough impact to arouse the state’s suppression of vDare. The same corrupt NY “justice system” arrayed against President Trump has been deployed against vDare. The state has now leaned on banks to refuse to process credit card donations to the vDare website. The purpose is to deprive vDare of revenues and to force the website to close down.

What libertarians who place hope in the freedom of expression in alternative media do not understand is that every alternative website can be closed down in the same way.

Where is accountability when free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution can be shut down by banks under pressure from the state?

Under popular sovereignty–government by the people–government’s functions are to protect property, free expression, and to provide justice.

Under state rule the function of the state is to deliver special benefits to serve the interests of those who gain control of the state.

The regime in which Americans have lived since the early overthrowing of Thomas Jefferson’s intent by other of the founding fathers is the special interest regime in which we live today.

The complete and total defeat of popular sovereignty has left Americans living a life of increasing tyranny, in which they are forced to pay in reduced freedom, income and living standards for the riches of the favored few.

America’s top 1% get $2 trillion richer: There is a massive difference between $11 million and $1,000 million, but both qualify for the top one percent. Multi-billionaires have many thousands of millions. The real rich are the top one-tenth of one percent.

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