The US and Europe Have Given Their Countries to Immigrant-invaders

The US and Europe Have Given Their Countries to Immigrant-invaders

Paul Craig Roberts

In America if you go on vacation for a week or two and leave your home unoccupied, or if you rent property and it is vacant between leases, immigrant-invaders can break into your property and occupy it as squatters. Home owners and rental property owners can get no help from police, prosecutors, or from “their” legislators.

This 20 minute video reports on the situation. It is not misinformation. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is our reality.

How did it come about that in the US where the Constitution protects property Americans are defenseless against immigrant-invaders stealing their property? American homeowners are being arrested for interfering with squattrers’ occupation of their homes. In America it is possible for immigrant-invaders to dispossess you.

As I have emphasized for years, the liberal/left have destroyed the American belief system and constitutional protections. The US cannot even protect its borders. Citizens cannot protect their property. The country is up for grabs, and it is being grabbed.

America has been intentionally destroyed. The Democrats are a principal enabler of this destruction, and Americans still vote for them.

And the dumbshits in Washington think the US, a country unable to protect its borders and the property of its citizens, is a superpower.

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