The Ever Widening War

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The Ever Widening War

Paul Craig Roberts

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg reports that NATO is in talks about taking nuclear weapons out of storage and making them ready to use.

Poland’s president wants the Russian Federation broken up into smaller independent states.

China is quickly expending its nuclear arsenal.

Russia and Belorussia conduct tactical nuclear exercises.

Clearly the world is on the road to Armageddon.

Putin warns, but the West does not hear and continues with aggressive provocations against Russia and China.

The West apparently is in the grip of evil and can do nothing to stop the rush toward destruction.

There is no peace movement. Western leaders have even turned peace advocates into traitors, putting them on lists of “Russian agents/dupes.” Those who warn of the pending catastrophe are pulled off airliners and have their passports confiscated. Writers who oppose the West’s participation in the Ukrainian Conflict get visits from the FBI. The French Army Chief of Staff says the Ukraine Conflict necessitates controlling public opinion with propaganda and by dictating what information is made available to the public. In other words, to prevent opposition to war people must be kept in the dark.

The West with its hegemonic attitude is driving the world to destruction. As Serbia’s president emphasized, “the train has left the station, and no one can stop it.”

No one among Western leaders is trying to stop the gathering war. There is no public discussion of the gathering war despite a US presidential election in four months. Insouciance characterizes the entirety of the Western world.

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