The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War

Paul Craig Roberts

Northrop planning to build munitions inside Ukraine

The war that Washington brought to Russia in Ukraine required a quick and total Russian victory in order to bring the conflict to an end before the West could get involved and expand the conflict. The way the Kremlin chose to fight the war was the worst blunder in military history. The slow paced war that the Kremlin has fought has turned the war into a direct confrontation between Russia and the West. The West keeps raising the intensity of the provocations. Sooner or later Putin will have to fight a real war.

The “Ukrainian dollars” in the news report are nonsense. They are US taxpayers’ dollars. They are dollars that have committed Washington to war with Russia.

Washington which could not defeat the Vietnamese, the Taliban, or the Houthis cannot defeat Russia. Washington’s stupidity has reached suicidal levels.

America is a country without trustworthy and competent leaders. Whenever a leader, no matter how flawed, like Trump, appears, the establishment seeks to destroy him. American “leaders” have turned our country into a disintegrating Tower of Babel, overrun by immigrant invaders, sexual perversion, and intentional destruction of the Constitution that is the basis of the country.

Where is the people’s response to the internal attack on them? They are indoctrinated to see enemies abroad, not at home. Consequently, Americans are being led into tyranny at home and war abroad. How can such insouciant people expect to have a future?

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