A Leader Emerges. Will the People Support Him?

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A Leader Emerges. Will the People Support Him?

Paul Craig Roberts

Christian Evangelical Chuck Baldwin is the kind of leader America needs. He is intelligent, has integrity, and understands that good is in a battle with evil. A leader with these qualities is far more likely to have God on his side than a regime that enables genocide and foments wars and wrongful prosecutions.

Possibly evil has too much of a hold on America and her empire for such a person to rise to leadership. In our days when the US government actively supports sexual perversion both at home and abroad, the demonization of white Americans, war, and the self-serving narratives of the ruling elites, a real leader becomes an enemy to be ignored or demonized.

You can meet Chuck Baldwin via the URL below. I will say that there is one point about which he might be overly optimistic. He writes that if Israel ignores the UN Security Council resolution supported by the Biden regime, Israel will lose the US and her protection. How can Netanyahu lose the US government’s protection when the US House and Senate voted almost unanimously to have Netanyahu address on July 24, for the fourth time, the US Congress? This is Congress showing unconditional support for Israel no matter what. How can Israel lose the support of an American government and media and universities that Israel owns? In America money is all that speaks, never principle.


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