Washington Weaponized Domestic Law and Its “Rules-based-order”

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Washington Weaponized Domestic Law and Its “Rules-based-order”

Paul Craig Roberts

Merrick Garland, Biden’s specialist in using law as a weapon against Donald Trump and his supporters, recently described in the Washington Post, a CIA asset, his critics as conspiracy theorists who are undermining trust in the Department of Justice (sic).

Many Americans have a different view. Garland, claiming “executive privilege,” covers up the Justice (sic) Department’s refusal to indict Joe Biden for the same offense for which Trump has been indicted by preventing the release of special counsel Hur’s interview of Joe Biden. Hur found that Biden knowingly possessed national security documents for which he had no permission, and that he was guilty of mishandling national security documents by leaving them in the trunk of his car and spread among a variety of non-secure locations. However, Hur concluded that Biden shouldn’t be indicted because of his “diminished mental facilities.” As I previously asked, how then is Biden qualified to be president of the United States and have his finger on the nuclear button? The Justice (sic) Department doesn’t say.

This and other anomalies that characterize the Biden regime raise unavoidable serious questions about the integrity of the US Department of Justice.

Contrast Garland’s reluctance to even have Biden interviewed for his possession of classified national security documents with the speed with which Trump was prosecuted for allegedly inappropriate possession of national security documents.

The two cases are not comparable. Trump as president has authority to declassify national security documents. Biden as VP had no such authority. Trump’s documents were locked in a room in Mar-a-Largo, Trump’s residence which is under 24/7 Secret Service Protection. Biden’s documents were in his garage, in his Corvette’s trunk, and spread among a variety of other unsecured sites. When the FBI invaded Mar-a-Lago they spread the documents on the floor and brought with them pages marked Top Secret which they added to their spread of documents for photos handed over to a compliant and corrupt American media. The FBI did not bring top secret pages to spread among Biden’s documents and give photos to the media.

What this tells us is that the US Department of Justice is devoid of integrity. It is just another lie machine like the American media.

Garland has prevented any inquiry into the evidence in Hunter Biden’s laptop showing Vice President and President Biden’s participation in, and payments from, Hunter Biden’s influence peddling schemes. Instead, the prosecution of Hunter Biden has protected Joe Biden by being limited to Hunter’s gun purchase while being a drug addict and income tax invasion from the proceeds of the influence peddling but not the influence peddling itself. If he is convicted of income tax evasion from money earned from influence peddling, how can the influence peddling go unindicted?

Justice (sic) Department special counsel Jack Smith who is prosecuting President Trump on felony charges has been been found guilty of lying to the judge presiding over the case. Consequently, the judge has put the trial on hold while the matter is investigated.

The Fulton County prosecutor, Fani Willis, who is prosecuting President Trump has derailed her White House orchestrated prosecution by paying her lover a vast sum of taxpayers’ funds with which he took Fani on expensive vacations.

The purpose of the Biden Justice (sic) Department is to get Trump, not to serve justice. The motto of the Democrats is: “We don’t need no stinking justice, we need to get Trump and his supporters.” The American media agrees. Consequently, the Biden regime’s misuse of law as a weapon is not a story.

The complete and total failure of the American media, which our Founding Fathers mistakenly relied on to hold government accountable, has left Americans with two devastating threats, one of which is domestic tyranny and the other is war with Russia, and perhaps China and Iran also.

Domestic tyranny is easily possible as an insouciant American population has permitted the Democrats to steal the last two national elections and has done nothing to prevent the Democrats from stealing the election in November. The Democrats have made it clear that they will hold on to power at the expense of democracy.

Washington no longer controls the war it has instigated. Russia has defeated Ukraine. If Washington, as seems to be the case, intends to prolong the conflict by deploying NATO troops in Ukraine and by using long range missiles to target sites deep into Russia, a fatal red line will have been crossed.

So far the outbreak of war has been prevented by Putin’s willingness to accept provocations and insults. Putin’s willingness to live with the West’s declared intention to destroy Russia has been maintained by his hope that the West will come to its senses before it is too late for the survival of the Western world.

Just as Putin’s patience was being exhausted by the Western warmongers, the European Union parliamentary elections repudiated all ruling parties in Europe, forcing the resignation of the Belgian leader and France’s Macron to call for national elections.

If Marine Le Pen, a French nationalist, wins the election, NATO will begin to fall apart. Germany won’t be far behind. The two nationalist German parties both got three times the vote that the ruling party, a Washington puppet, received.

Europeans, faced with nuclear annihilation, are beginning to no longer see any advantage in being part of Washington’s empire. The European governments themselves don’t care what their peoples think, but the governments are experiencing rising costs from their absence of sovereignty.

This, of course, makes the warmongers in Washington more nervous.

As a 25-year veteran of Washington, I can tell you how Washington sees it. Washington’s unipolar world was presented as globalism, which Russia initially signed up with. As time passed Russians came to understand that globalism meant the absence of Russian sovereignty, not economic interdependence. When Putin announced in 2007 that Russia did not accept the uni-polar world, Washington’s war against Russia began.

Putin is despised, because he resurrected Russia as a constraint on Washington’s unilateralism. In Washington’s view this restraint has to be removed. Washington is not attentive to the consequences of its agenda.

Washington’s agenda is not realistic and could already have ended in war except for Putin’s restraint. If Macron is repudiated in the French election, it will give Putin renewed hope that change is bringing the West to its senses, and Russia’s toleration of provocations will continue as long as the West continues on its return to sanity.

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