The Democrats Have Institutionalized Election Fraud

The Democrats Have Institutionalized Election Fraud

Paul Craig Roberts

Recently, bloggers have picked up my year or so old supposition that Hilary would be substituted for Biden in the November election. I no longer think there is any point as the Democrats intend to again steal, for the third time in a row, a national election.

In the swing states the Democrats control the major cities, and the Democrats count the vote. As we have learned from the past two elections, it is not possible to challenge their vote count. If you do, you could find yourself indicted, facing economic ruin to defend yourself.

As I wrote would be the case, the Democrats have institutionalized election theft. Michigan Democrats have passed a bill that prevents the investigation of election fraud cases. Indeed, Michigan Democrat law makes it impossible for such cases based on evidence to even be brought by voters and poll watchers.

Senator Jim Runestat said: “Today, Democrats overturned 70 years of election law in order to commit a disgusting gutting of our election recount protections. The passage of this bill is a complete disgrace!”

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