Hope Betrayed: The French Election

Hope Betrayed: The French Election

Paul Craig Roberts

I wonder if Putin is as disappointed with the outcome of the French election as I am. The first round of elections gave a large lead to Marine Le Pen’s French Nationalist party. Hoping this would carry through the second round, I saw hope in the idea that European peoples tired of the long domination by Washington of their politics were beginning to break free. Alas, it was nothing but a dream.

What changed so dramatically between the first round and the second round of the votes that reduced the French Nationalists from first to third in the final outcome?

Was the election stolen like the last two US national elections? Peter Koenig explains the theft:

Was the first round just a protest vote unintended as an indicator of a return to French nationalism last witnessed in France during the 10-year presidency of Charles De Gaulle? Le Pen’s nationalist party serves as the place voters register their protests at the ruling party. Although French voters are outraged at the transformation of France into a Tower of Babel, the French people have been successfully indoctrinated by Americans and by the EU to regard nationalism as Nazism. So they vote for French nationalism only as a protest, not as a solution to the ongoing gradual disappearance of the French nation.

Was the disappointing outcome a result of Macron’s establishment party coming together with the French left-wing to prevent a victory for French ethnicity? There are reports that Macron and left-wing party candidates that came in last in the first round dropped out in order to consolidate the vote against Le Pen’s party, which is called “far right.” It is the strange situation throughout Europe and the UK that any party that represents the ethnic basis of the country–British, French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc., is branded “far right.” For decades propagandists have identified ethnic nationalists with Nazis. Europeans are indoctrinated into this way of thinking, and no one wants to “vote like a Nazi.” Consequently, the ethnic nationalities that constitute European countries are unwilling to elect a party that represents them.

Europe and the UK are ruled by parties that are Washington’s puppets.

The French election did produce a change. The French left-wing displaced Macron’s establishment party as the party with the largest number of votes. The ruling coalition will be Macron’s establishment party with the French left. Macron himself is not at risk. What will change will be the ministers. It will be interesting to see how these seats are distributed.

Little will change. The french left is as welcoming to immigrant invaders as Macron’s party. Perhaps French readers will inform me where the French left stands on war with Russia. I suspect that the money and positions that Washington will hand out to susceptible French leftists will suffice to crush any revolutionary intentions. Being elevated into Washington’s confidence is valuable. The French left will be quieted with reduced economic attack on the French working class. As Giuseppe di Lampedusa wrote in his classic novel, 
The Leopard, “things have to change so that they can remain the same.”

The question before us remains. Now that hopes of a restoration of European nationalism have been defeated by indoctrinated French voters afraid to vote for their own future, Putin’s hopes of a more reasonable Europe are defeated. How many more hopes does Putin have to see defeated before he has no alternative to acting in defense of Russia?

What form will this defense take?

These questions are not part of the American presidential election. Washington, allegedly a great power, but I think a fragile one, makes decisions about war with no comprehension of the likely consequences.

When I compare American leadership today in government, corporations, media, and universities with the leadership of years ago, I see mindlessness.

Mindlessness is not consistent with being a great power.

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