Julian Assange Is Free

Julian Assange Is Free

Paul Craig Roberts

If the news report from Sky News that reached me early this morning is not a hoax, the US government, increasingly regarded worldwide as a criminal organization, could not convince British courts to extradite Julian Assange. Washington was unable or unwilling to provide the British assurances that Assange would not be abused and denied his rights. https://news.sky.com/story/julian-assange-will-not-be-extradited-to-the-us-after-reaching-plea-deal-13158340

Many of us think Assange has been abused enough by the British government which held him in solitary confinement for 62 months, a massive violation of habeas corpus, as a favor to Washington.

Perhaps “British justice” grew tired of the shame of serving as Washington’s jailer and imprisoning a man who has not been convicted of anything. The brownie points that the British were earning from Washington were offset by the appearance of complicity in Washington’s act of vengeance against a journalist who published leaked information embarrassing to Washington.

Perhaps the British judges decided that the 13 years Washington stole from Assange’s life and the life of his wife and children was enough. Perhaps Washington decided that 13 years of Assange’s incarceration in one form or another sufficed to serve as a warning to all journalists within Washington’s reach not to blow the whistle on Washington’s crimes. For whatever the reason, Washington crafted a face-saving plea deal to end the persecution that destroyed the First Amendment. In exchange for Assange pleading guilty to one count of “conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information” Assange’s sentence will be time served in the British prison.

Thus ends for Assange one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the US government. Americans will never be able to live down this shame heaped upon them by Washington, because the US Department of Justice (sic) continues to practice it on American citizens themselves. The corrupt Biden regime, using wrongful conviction and coerced guilty pleas, has sentenced 1,000 Americans who exercised their constitutionally protected rights to protest to prison as “insurrectionists.” The same corrupt regime is prosecuting a former, and many believe current, American President, including his attorneys, on false charges. This tells Americans that if a president can be abused in this way, they haven’t a chance. The consequence is that fear causes Americans to give up their rights and submit to Washington’s growing tyranny.

My country today is entirely different from what it was when I was born into it. University and public education is focused on teaching the replacement generations that America is a white racist exploiter and that people can be born into the wrong body, with a person’s gender now determined by self-declaration. The Democrats in the US and the ruling parties in Europe are committed to replacing their ethnic populations with immigrant-invaders. This, together with what is indoctrinated in schools, destroys Western civilization. Already there is very little commitment to it politically and intellectually. White universities are the most rabid denouncers of Western civilization.

By November we should know three things that, depending on how they turn out, will speed up or slow down our demise.

One is that we will know what the Democrats are going to do to Trump, and if it is an outrage whether the people will accept it from fear of being treated as January 6 protesters were treated.

Another is we will know whether the repudiation of ruling European parties in the recent European parliamentary elections carries over into the national French election. If it does, it will signal the return of European nationalism and the beginning of the breakup of NATO and US warmongering.

The third is that we will know if Washington and its European puppets are sufficiently insane to deploy NATO soldiers in Ukraine and to continue to target missiles on Russian civilians as Israel does on Palestinians. If Putin accepts these provocations, as he has previous ones, we could be faced with the rise of a Russian war leader who terminates our existence and that of Europe.

The fact that these three are not focus points in Western discussion means a lack of awareness and preparedness should events develop badly.

Meanwhile American youth facing conscription and deprogramming as citizens of Western civilization scroll their cell phones in the constant search for entertainment.

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