The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War

Paul Craig Roberts

I have learned from Gilbert Doctorow that there is discussion in Russia about inviting North Korean troops to enter the conflict in Ukraine in the event NATO troops are sent. The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership recently signed by Russia and North Korea allows for this.

This would further widen the conflict. Would Chinese troops be next?

I do not believe American and European soldiers would fare well against Russians and North Koreans or Chinese. What would the Americans and Europeans be fighting for except the profits of the military/security complex and Washington’s hegemonic power which is also exercised over them? The US and European governments have destroyed their own ethnic-based countries, and the immigrant-invaders who are replacing white ethnicities have no incentive to fight Russians and North Koreans. The West would have to fight the war with nuclear missiles, which is the same as committing suicide.

Why doesn’t Putin take the initiative and use sufficient force to end the conflict before NATO troops arrive? Perhaps Putin could be brought to see his mistake if Russian media repeatedly asked him to explain why he chose to conduct the conflict in a way that enabled ever wider involvement by the West. Putin could also be asked why he did not build and equip a larger Russian army during the eight years that the West built and equipped the Ukrainian army. Was Putin unable to bring the conflict to a quick conclusion because Russia was unprepared for effective action?

It does seem that Putin failed to recognize the threat. He sat on his hands and allowed Washington to overthrow the Ukrainian government and to install a puppet. He next sat on his hands for eight years pushing the Minsk agreement that the West had no intention of supporting. How was it possible for Putin to fail to perceive the coup in Ukraine as the opening move of a growing threat? Was the Russian government–and Putin himself–and the Russian business and intellectual classes so enamored of being part of the West that they could not acknowledge reality?

Whatever the explanation, the result is the likelihood of a major war. No one in the West is speaking of peace, only of Russian surrender and withdrawal. The entire Western emphasis is on further raising tensions. This is insanity. The only solution is for Putin to deliver an immediate knockout blow and end the conflict before it spins further out of control.

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