America Is No Longer a Merit-based Society

America Is No Longer a Merit-based Society

Paul Craig Roberts

Blue cities and blue school boards see merit as a tool of white supremacy and have erased it.

The latest example is the closing of schools for the gifted in the woke city of Seattle, Washington. You guessed it: there were too many white and Asian students.

In America merit has been overthrown by “equity,” which has been redefined to mean privilege for people of color and the gender-confused. The elimination of merit-based learning is the way that liberals admit that there are racial differences in motivation and intelligence.

The abandonment of merit is now widespread in America and goes far beyond education. American corporations, the Pentagon, and Hollywood have stated that white people are sidelined for promotion and staring roles while non-merit based promotions are made to achieve “equity.” Thus has privilege in law been restored in the face of the 14th Amendment which bans it.

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