“Israel is a lunatic state”

“Israel is a lunatic state”

Paul Craig Roberts

Norman Finkelstein is perhaps America’s top expert on Israel. Finkelstein is himself a Jew, and his parents are “Holocaust survivors,” although his mother seems to have expressed doubts about the scale of the Holocaust.

Finkelstein’s problem is that he is honest, and it has cost him heavily.
The powerful Israel Lobby was able to reach into a Catholic University and cancel Finkelstein’s grant of tenure, resulting in his dismissal.

Having seen the Israel Lobby’s opposition to Finkelstein, no university has dared to employ this outstanding scholar. Many Americans are unaware that Israel rules almost every American university and a huge chunk of the Christian evangelical churches, as well as the media, entertainment, and US government.

Finkelstein says that “Israel is a lunatic state” that will bring the world down with it.


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