The Ukraine Conflict Is Spinning Out of Control

The Ukraine Conflict Is Spinning Out of Control

Paul Craig Roberts

In my effort to awake humanity to its extinction in the nuclear war that is advancing upon us, I have pointed my finger at Putin and Xi’s mistaken belief that the way to avoid it is to ignore provocations and wait for Washington to come to its senses.

This shows diplomacy at its highest level, but it is mistaken. The ignored provocations encourage more and worst provocations.

The Asia Times, if the story can be believed, reports that NATO has begun deploying troops in Ukraine’s defense. \

“NATO is starting to deploy combat troops to Ukraine. Soldiers from Poland, France, the UK, Finland and other NATO members are arriving in larger numbers.

“Although Russia says there are over 3,100 mercenaries in Ukraine, these newly arriving troops are not mercenaries. They are in uniform, home country proclaimed via insignia. They mostly are concentrated in the western part of the country, although in some cases they are close to the actual fighting in the east.

“NATO is putting out the word these are not combat soldiers but are in Ukraine to operate sophisticated western hardware. But if they are firing at the Russians the only proper way to interpret their presence is that they are playing an active part in the shooting war.”

It is the same plan as Washington’s intervention in Vietnam. What will the sequel be?

Putin and XI are diplomats. But they have no comprehension of Washington. Their naiveness has blinded them to reality. Consequently, they are walking into Armageddon by betting that Washington is rational.

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