“War Is a Racket” — US Marine General Smedley D. Butler

“War Is a Racket” — US Marine General Smedley D. Butler

Paul Craig Roberts

The Western military security complex has orchestrated a “Russian threat” for the purpose of keeping profits rolling into the coffers of armaments manufacturers and their marketing teams. It has reached such absurd levels as tiny Estonia’s finance minister proposing a “security tax” so that Estonia can protect itself from Russia. And this absurdity is taken seriously.

No amount of “security tax” could protect Estonia from Russia. Moreover, only Estonian stupidity could cause Russia to attack the tiny country. All over Europe there is a ramping up of government agitation for more “defense” spending against a non-existing threat. Remember, it is Washington and NATO that has consistently refused all Russian efforts in behalf of a mutual defense treaty.

As Europe has little capability in armaments manufacture, the spending will flow into the pockets of the US armaments companies–more US fighter jets, missiles, tanks. It is a racket. Stir up a threat and profits rise and executive “performance bonuses” with them.


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