Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment

Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment

Paul Craig Roberts

Roman Balmakov of EpochTV is the best news presenter in the business. In this 13 minute video Balmakov reports successes from the use of Ivermectin in cancer treatment. https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/ivermectin-as-a-powerful-drug-for-fighting-cancer-a-look-at-the-evidence-facts-matter-5622050?utm_source=Enews&utm_campaign=etv1-2024-04-05&utm_medium=email&utm_content=upvideo&est=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAceE5JjMFys3H%2BbdAvWpUcQzPZ0WlGLZbDFlFfmdQNQ%3D%3D

As I reported during the 3 years of orchestrated Covid hysteria, both HCQ and Ivermectin are preventers and cures of Covid. The medical authorities knew this, but they suppressed it,
because if they acknowledged that a cure existed, the Covid “vaccine” could not be released under emergency authorization.

As the “vaccine” had not gone through the required testing, it could not be released for use under normal conditions. Therefore, it was a known risk, and the emergency use authorization protected the pharmaceutical companies from liability.

As the “medical authorities” –FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO–are all shills for the profits of Big Pharma and exist in a revolving door relationship with Big Pharma–Fauci himself shared patent ownership with Big Pharma–an untested vaccine was falsely and illegally released under false pretenses. Big Pharma made billions of dollars, and millions of “vaccinated” victims died or had health injuries. This is an established fact, not a “conspiracy theory” as Big Pharma’s “fact checkers” proclaim. It is an established scientific fact totally ignored by the whore media, medical boards, and the Big Pharma operatives that constitute the “medical regulatory authorities.”

As a consequence of legislation lobbied to passage by Big Pharma and insurance companies, fewer and fewer doctors are in private practice. Instead they are employees, which means they are accountable to their employer, some HMO, and not to their patients. Medical insurance has not adjusted to this fact.

I have a friend who is a doctor employed by a HMO. Observing the failure of ventilators and the non-treatment process for Covid, he cured patients with Ivermectin. Three times he was called in by his employer and ordered to stop treatment with Ivermectin. He ignored the orders on the grounds that they were an illegitimate interference in the doctor-patient relationship and an interference in his obligation to his patients and the Hippocratic Oath. Understanding that a fourth reprimand was a firing, leaving his patients unprotected, he diagnosed Covid infected patients with lupus and other health problems traditionally treated with Ivermectin or HCQ.

In other words, in the “free” United States of America, now seen worldwide as “a shithole country,” the only way a conscientious medical doctor should serve the health of his patients was through subterfuge.

Recently, as I reported, a federal court ordered the Big Pharma marketing agent, the FDA, to remove its online warnings against the use of Ivermectin, a long approved drug for general use based solely on the doctor’s opinion. All of the totally corrupt federal agencies–FDA, NIH, CDC, along with Bill Gates’ WHO–declared Ivermectin, long a preventer in Africa of River Blindness, to be a “horse medicine.”

No one in Africa taking Ivermectin as “the Sunday medicine” to prevent river blindness got Covid.

No one in Africa taking HCQ as “the Sunday medicine” to prevent malaria got Covid.

Four states in India successfully used Ivermectin to prevent Covid, did not use the “vaccine” and experienced little, if any, Covid. The same in parts of Brazil.

Today it is the Covid-Vaccinated countries where athletes in their prime are dropping dead on the playing field, where entertainers are dropping dead during performances, where airlines are running out of pilots due to the airline vaccine mandates, where babies and kids are dying from heart attacks, where never before seen turbo cancers are appearing among children and adults, where male and female fertility are declining, where miscarriages are rising.

The question before us is: Will the scientific information reported by Balmakov advance the use of Ivermectin in the cure and prevention of cancer, or will Ivermectin, a very inexpensive medicine, be seen as a threat to the existing institutionalized profitable treatment of cancer, which basically destroys a person’s immunize system so cancer can win.

Americans being naive souls trusting authority are perfect victims for the likely renewed demonization of Ivermectin.

Indeed, we have a forerunner from federal “medical authorities” who have set their sights on banning NAC, a long-used supplement that greatly improves human health.

The last thing Big Pharma wants is a healthy population. Big Pharma needs a sick population for its profitability. Indeed, Big Pharma creates vaccines and “medicines” that make us sicker so we need more medication.

Insouciant Americans don’t understand that Big Pharma controls medical research and increasingly the curriculums of medical schools. Not long ago when the editors of the two most prestigious medical research publications resigned, the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, both said that they had no confidence in the articles that their journals published, because 70% of the articles were written with Big Pharma grants.

In the world today, American youth are the most medicated, vaccinated kids in the world, and hardly any of them are healthy.

The question before us is: How did a people intended by their founders to be the most free in human history end up subservient to official narratives that destroy their freedom, their health, their independence?

Why is the American population content with its impotence and loyal to a government that is unaccountable to the people?

The only answer is that the insouciant American population has zero awareness of their situation. When people don’t understand that they are threatened, how can they resist a threat of which they are unaware?

It is not Putin, XI, Iran, who are overthrowing America. America has been overthrown by the insouciance of the population.

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