Biden: White Americans Are the Threat

Biden: White Americans Are the Threat

Paul Craig Roberts

The Main Goal of the Biden Regime Is to Sell-out the Majority White American Population and to declare them as a menace.

Tucker Carlson points out that president Biden, illegitimately in office due to the theft of the 2020 election, has as president of the United States defined America’s majority white population as the major cause of racism and a threat to national unity. Note: it is the majority that is the threat.

Yet, tens of millions of dumbshit white Americans designated as America’s worst threat by Biden vote for him.

What future can such a collection of morons have?

A white heterosexual who votes for Biden is expressing a death wish.

It is the US whose Democrat Government is alienated from its own white majority population that intends to fight wars against Russia, Iran, and China.

This is insanity. Who is going to fight these wars for Biden? The answer is Europeans and the immigrant-invaders into America thanks to Biden’s open border policy. Like Rome in its own self-inflicted decay, the US will be dependent on troops from the immigrant-invaders overrunning its own borders to fight its wars abroad in defense of the borders of foreign countries.

There is no discussion of this whatsoever.

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