The Cost of Insouciance Is Death

The Cost of Insouciance Is Death

Paul Craig Roberts

I received an email Christmas greeting from the Warden of my Oxford College.  She tells me that the money and postage the college saves on mailing Christmas cards will be donated to charity.  This is a noble thing to do.  But look what it tells us:  It tells us that we now see our obligations to strangers as a stronger claim on us than our obligations to our group.  It shows further weakening of our survivability. 

When we sum up all the forces that are damaging our survivability–feminism which has destroyed relations between men and women, deracination which has destroyed our self-confidence, our culture, and our beliefs, the normalization of sin which has destroyed our morals and our integrity, the attack on the family which has destroyed the enculturation of children–what future do we have?

It seems that Western civilization is the first one to be destroyed by its own universities and intellectuals.

We are so focused on what the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are allegedly going to do to us that we do not see what we have done to ourselves. 

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