The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War

Paul Craig Roberts

For 17 months I have warned that the Kremlin’s unwillingness to use sufficient force to bring the conflict in Ukraine to a conclusion is widening the war.  Now we hear from Col. Douglas Macgregor that a Polish division is being readied for deployment in Ukraine.  

“Warsaw, whose leadership of NATO’s anti-Russian crusade is prized in Washington, finds comfort in the Beltway’s belief in Russian military weakness. So much so, that Warsaw seems willing to risk direct confrontation with Moscow. According to French sources in Warsaw, if Ukrainian forces are driven back, ‘the Poles may introduce the first division this year, which will include the Poles, the Balts, and a certain number of Ukrainians.’

“Now, Washington is misjudging Moscow. The Russian national command authorities may well think that Warsaw’s actions align with Washington’s intentions. President Biden’s executive order to extend hazard pay to American soldiers currently serving in Ukraine (who are not supposed to be there) no doubt reinforces this opinion.

“But it is far more likely that the Polish tail wants to wag the American dog. The Poles know their military intervention in historic Galician Ukraine will provoke a military response from both Belarus and Russia, but Warsaw also reasons that Washington’s air and ground forces in Europe are unlikely to sit quietly in Ukraine, Romania, and the Baltic littoral while Polish forces fight a losing battle.”

Col. Magregor agrees with me that a wider war is in the cards unless Moscow closes down the conflict.

“America’s proxy war with Russia has transformed Ukraine into a graveyard. Indulging Poland’s passion for war with Russia encourages Poland to follow the Ukrainian example. The very idea must leave Moscow no choice but to bring all of Russia’s military power to bear simultaneously against Ukraine, before the collective West stumbles into regional war. Make peace, you fools, before it’s too late.”

I find it disturbing, or should I say frightening, that the Kremlin is incapable of reading Washington and thinks by holding Russian intervention to the Russian parts of Ukraine that the Kremlin is sending the West reassuring signals.  The West’s intentions against Russia are immune to Russian reassurances. 

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