The Criminalization of Truth in the Western World

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The Criminalization of Truth in the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts

Time is running out on truth, the telling of which is being criminalized.

In his Introduction to the 1946 edition of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley noted that the greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by dong something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects, by lowering what Mr. Churchill calls an ‘iron curtain’ between the masses and such facts or arguments as the political bosses regard as undesirable, totalitarian propagandists influence thought more effectively than by lying.

Churchill was speaking of the Iron Curtain being lowered over the Soviet Empire by Stalin. Today the Iron Curtin is being lowered over the “free” Western peoples by their “democratic” governments, their “democratic” media, and their “democratic” universities and school systems.  If you are not permitted to know the truth, you cannot speak it.

Elon Musk spent a large part of his fortune to free Twitter from censorship only to find that the EU will ban Twitter from EU member states unless Musk accepts EU censorship of truths unwelcome to the EU’s agendas.

The EU’s French censor, euphemistically titled “French Digital Transition and Telecommunications Ministry,”  stated that “disinformation,” the ministry’s main function, “is one of the gravest threats weighing on our democracies.”  If Musk doesn’t accept the EU’s censorship, Twitter “will be banned from the EU.” 

To be clear, the Western values of free speech and open discussion have been redefined as “fonts of misinformation” and “threats to democracy.”  But of course, they are the basis of democracy.  When free speech is suppressed, we have not democracy but tyranny.

Getting at the truth is difficult and always has been. Truth can upset and make angry as many or more people as it enlightens. An existing belief is tenacious.  Most people want their beliefs confirmed, not challenged.  This makes indoctrinated beliefs stable.  Historians cover up truth for career reasons, as do politicians. Prosecutors cover up truth in order to obtain convictions. Media cover up truth for advertising revenues and in exchange for “sourced” leaks from CIA, FBI, politicians, and prosecutors that establish official narratives that serve the various agendas.  

I have spent my life in service to the truth.  This is not a claim that I always get it right, but that my agenda is truth whether I get there or not.  Occasionally I receive recognition for my service to truth (see, for example, and

Generally speaking, favorable comments about me and my writings immediately bring out trolls to demonize and libel me with the goal of scaring readers away from my website.  The ruling establishment works hard to boost the reputations of those who repeat official narratives as truth, even giving them Pulitzer Prizes, and to destroy the reputations of  those who speak the truth. The attacks on truth tellers are helping the ruling establishment criminalize truth.  Truth tellers are being turned into criminals on an ex post facto basis. Exercising free speech is being associated with harming official explanations with truth, and is in the process of becoming a criminal act. Fox News, in settling gratuitously a civil law suit from Dominion voting machines, paid close to $1 billion to create the precedent that reporting news that is harmful to any party is libel even if the reported news is true and had no malicious intent.

In other words, Fox News just paid almost one billion dollars to establish that reporting the truth is libel.  That is the end of free speech and accountability.

It is the truth-teller, not the liar, who gets into trouble.  Killing the messenger has always been the practice.  Today despite whistleblower protection laws, whistleblowers always suffer. The government refuses to enforce the laws that protect whistleblowers for telling the truth.  Julian Assange has been imprisoned for over a decade without due process of law for simply reporting leaked documents revealing US war crimes and intentional deception of US allies.  Edward Snowden had to give up his US citizenship for Russian citizenship simply because he gave us proof that the NSA was, and is, illegally spying on us without cause or warrants.  In the past few days we have witnessed the FBI escape accountability for high treason in an overthrow attempt against a sitting President of the United States by the whore media’s disappearing the FBI plot against President Trump  into “procedural mistakes” regarding surveillance and the opening of investigations.  High treason against President Trump is approved by the Democrats, the FBI, CIA, military/security complex, and the presstitutes, because the ruling establishment wants Trump gone.  Trump doesn’t serve their agendas.  Getting rid of Trump is more important to them than truth.

The only indications I have whether the risks I take as a truth-teller, risks that have materialized in dangerous and expensive harassments of more visible truth-tellers, such as Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Matt Taibbi, Kash Patel, and Peter Brimelow, are readers financial and vocal support.  If this support is not forthcoming, it tells me I am taking risks for nothing and am bringing difficulties to myself by attempting to inform those who are neither interested nor committed to their independence as free people.

The Special Counsel’s exposure of the frame up of President Trump, but failure to issue indictments for the FBI crimes that the Durham Report documents, was an opportunity for every member of the House and Senate to regain his and her freedom to represent the people instead of the interest groups.  The House and Senate could have jumped all over the FBI, forced the corrupt Justice (sic) Department to indict and prosecute the plotters, get an execution sentence for every one of the plotters, including Comer and Wray, and sent the message to all concerned that our country was being returned to the people through the reasserted independence of US Representatives and US Senators, which again would make US Representative and US Senator proud designations.  But the House and Senate preferred to hold on to their campaign contributions and the protection provided by interest groups and, thereby, remain bought and sold. With few exceptions the House and Senate are pleased with the Biden regime’s attacks on Trump.  They are comfortable with the establishment and would like to see Trump, a boatrocker, gone.  Anyone who pays attention can name the very few members of independent Representatives and Senators.  They are the ones constantly under attack by the establishment and the American media that serves the establishment.

My lifetime of struggling for truth has left me wondering if truth is a Quixotic adventure.  My site is read by many all over the world, and my columns are reposted by many other sites and in translations.  Yet those who support the website, financially or with encouraging words, are a small percentage of the readers.  The unwillingness of most readers to give even $5 to support truth is discouraging.  One problem truth tellers have is that, in our times, the deceptions are so overwhelming and awful that many people simply cannot stand the pressures of knowing the truth.  Tell me a comforting lie, they say, so I can relax and not be a nervous wreck. The majority of Americans prefer the blue pill, and thus American freedom is becoming a thing of the past.

Freedom in America, and the entirety of the Western World, is so eroded that the younger generations have never experienced a truthful existence.  The next generation will grow up in a world in which truth is regarded as harmful and something to be avoided.  Indeed, it is already happening.

Our masters benefit from the blue pill preference of the majority of the population as they sooth us with “trust us, the Vax is safe and will protect you,”  “with our help Ukraine is winning,”  “the SEAL Team killed Osama bin Laden and ended the reign of terror,” “your money is safe in the banks,” “the Fed is conquering inflation,” “the belief in evil is an excuse for intolerance,” “pedophiles are just another misunderstood sexual orientation, no less legitimate than homosexuality,”  and so on.

There is tremendous pressure on the population to accept false narratives. The pressure comes from movies and entertainment, from media and corporate advertisements, from education, from the Democrat Party, from the World Economic Forum, even from some Christian churches enamoured with Israel, and from think tanks endowed with large sums of money from those whose agendas are served by the menu of official narratives, every one of which is a lie.

Faced with this, my voice is a red flag to the ruling establishment.  Corporations and philanthropic foundations don’t support me.  Once they did, a long time ago, before they were made into enemies of truth and subverted and made accomplices  in the construction of The Matrix in which we all live.  

Widely viewed and famous movies, such as The Matrix, have made this point, but the insouciant public regards the movie as entertainment, not as something they are experiencing.  People who cannot recognize threats have zero chance of survival. The threats that most Americans recognize are in fact hoaxes used to control how they understand the world.

Few Americans realize that today, right now, America, what is left of it, faces enormous challenges that are likely to overcome her.

A homogeneous united society has been destroyed by an intentional immigration policy designed to create a tower of babel in which there is no common interest, no unifying element. Blacks in California have voted themselves millions of dollars each in restitution for slavery, despite the fact that California  never had slavery, and the restitution is to be paid, if it is paid, by Hispanics and Asians, the majority population in a state in which white Americans are a fleeing minority.  How did it come about that White Americans can no longer feel at home in California?  White Americans today constitute only 32% of California’s population.

It is Florida, the favored state to which Americans are fleeing, that is denounced, not California the state white Americans are repudiating.  Florida rejected the lockdowns, the Covid vax mandates, and actually treated people instead of arranging for them to die in order to swell both hospital revenues and the fear factor that drove Americans to accept a deadly, untested “vaccine.”  It is Florida that stopped the corrupt Disney Corporation from forcing sexual perversion, transgenderism, and guilt for alleged white racism on school children.  Yet Disney remains patronized by American families.

Americans need to wake up, if it is possible, and to realize that on ALL Fronts Their Society Is Under Internal Attack, not external attack by Russia, China, and terrorists, but internal attack by their own government, corporate, educational, and media organizations

The Brutal Fact Is that only Trump Americans believe in America.  No one else does. Certainly not the universities.  Not the educational system. Not the presstitutes. Not the Biden government, which is a showcase for sexual perversity, weaponized law, and war.

It is Trump, and only Trump, who says his intent is to get the government back into the hands of the people where it belongs.  Every other candidate for the Republican nomination, regardless of Trump’s many faults, is an obstacle  to the people’s recovery of their country.

Trump, with all his shortcomings, is America’s last chance. He is the only one with the strength and will to stand up to the ruling establishment. The reason Trump has such massive support is not because of his positions on issues, but because he stands for the people against the corrupt ruling establishment.

This website, and a few others, are your last chance for truth.  June is upon us, and the month brings my quarterly request for your support.  If you value truth, without which there is no freedom and no independence, support this website.  It requires your donations and your encouraging words if it is to survive. Donations and vocal support are the only indications I have that the risks I am taking by speaking truth are worthwhile.

I know.  You just blew your budget on the 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend.  You face the need for funds for summer vacation and for entertainment of kids out of school. Just eat one less pizza and support truth.  Support truth or you are going to be living in George Orwell’s 1984 or in The Matrix or in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Klaus Schwab version. There will be no Neo or “The One” to save you.

My thanks to the monthly donors who make this site possible.


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