Conquered by a Fake Pandemic, We Can Kiss America Good-bye

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Conquered by a Fake Pandemic, We Can Kiss America Good-bye

Paul Craig Roberts

How obvious does it have to be before even insouciant Americans realize that there is something seriously wrong about the Covid vaccination program?  

One would think we are already past that point even for the mentally-challenged.

Consider the many things we now know that make it clear that the vaccination program is a horrendous mistake.

We know that the vaccine does not protect.  Dr. Fauci himself, a leading proponent of the vaccination program and Chief Shill for Big Pharma, admits this.  This is why he says the double-vaccinated should wear masks and should have booster shots.  If the vaccine protects a person from Covid, why do vaccinated people need to wear masks and have more vaccine shots?  In Israel the Health Minister is already advocating a second booster shot which makes four jabs of the Pfizer “vaccine,” and the alleged “pandemic” is 3 months short of being 2 years old. Pfizer itself now admits that its vaccine looses its effectiveness over time.  According to Fauci it is only good for 8 months, and you can expect to see that period grow smaller.

From the under-reported databases in the US, UK, and EU of adverse vaccine reactions to the mRNA “vaccines,” we know that there have been tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries associated with the vaccine.  The databases are official data, and medical personnel are fully aware that hospitals and doctors seldom, if ever, report adverse reactions to the Covid Vaccine, instead attributing the deaths and illnesses from the “vaccine” to Covid itself.  It is only some individuals who report the adverse reactions.  This is why experts have concluded that only between 1% and 10% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported.  For some age groups—especially children and the young— the mRNA “vaccine” has proven to be more dangerous than Covid.

We also know that distinguished scientists and medical practitioners have concluded that the mRNA “vaccine” interacts with the Covid virus in a way that enables it to escape the immune response.  The consequence is new variants.

We also know from the official statistics of highly vaccinated places, such as Israel (84%), Iceland (95)%, and Gibraltar (99%), that the mRNA “vaccine” makes the vaccinated more likely to catch Covid and become seriously ill than the unvaccinated. The hospitals in these places are full of vaccinated patients.  Yet we continue to hear the propaganda broadcast of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

And evidence is mounting that the vaccinated can infect the unvaccinated.

On this website I have reported more than once these conclusions and provided links to the evidence. 

This powerful evidence from top-ranking scientists is kept out of the presstitute media.  The CDC, NIH, FDA, AMA, WHO, hospital administrators and executives of large health care organizations, university and public school administrators, Democrat politicians, and employers all pretend not to know about the evidence that indicts the vaccination program and would easily convict the program of intentional murder if the case could be brought to court.

Instead hospitals are losing large chunks of their medical staffs who resign or are fired for refusing the vaccine.   These are the nurses who have seen what the vaccine does to patients.  Being up-close-informed, they prefer unemployment to vaccination.  That should tell the hospital administrators and the dumbshit public something, but it doesn’t.  The media shoos away the protesting nurses as people who won’t do their duty to protect their patients and the public by getting vaccinated.  Liberals especially get on their high horse about “refractory nurses” who refuse to protect their patients.

The scientists and medical practitioners  who are raising alarms are so well-known that it is impossible that the CDC, FDA, NIH, AMA, and hospital and university administrators do not know of them.  Not content to ignore the evidence, they intentionally lie to us.  They lie that children are so in danger of Covid that they need to be forcefully vaccinated.  They lie that unvaccinated people and people who have recovered from Covid and have natural immunity are dangerous to everyone else and must be excluded from school, work, restaurants, sports events, concerts, public transportation, travel to other countries, all to be enforced by Covid Passports.  The passport itself is a lunatic idea considering the 8 months protection Dr. Fauci assigns to the “vaccine.”  A passport that has to be renewed every 8 months is a bureaucratic nightmare.

They lie that children are so in danger that they must wear masks in school even though it is a known fact that the masks they wear are totally ineffectual in preventing transmission of the virus.  The only mask that is effectual is the N95, and it is impossible for anyone, much less a school child, to wear a N95 mask all day.  In some parts of the US laws have been passed that subject school teachers and administrators to prison sentences for not enforcing the mask mandate for school children. These draconian laws might also apply to parents who allow a child to go to school without a mask. 

In other words, total counterfactual insanity is the American Covid Policy.

No one can respect public institutions that are so totally irresponsible that they ignore facts and base health policies on lies.  In the United States “responsible public health agency” is an oxymoron. 

From day one the Covid “pandemic” was totally orchestrated.  China, faced with an outbreak of an unknown virus of unknown mortality and no known cure, resorted to draconian measures and locked down entire cities and areas.  Scare stories proliferated and the presstitutes in the US ratcheted up the fear index.  Dire predictions were made based on very few cases outside China.  “Public health agencies” went to work to make the predictions come true.  They achieved this with the PCR test which they intentionally ran at such high cycles that it produced 97% false positives.  This is how the scary number of cases was orchestrated that struck fear into the population.

We were all going to die.  This fear enabled the highly destructive lockdowns and mask requirements that accustomed people to the view that civil liberty was expendable in a time of “health crisis.”

Most of the people who did die were people with co-morbidities.  Some of them died from their co-morbidities; others died because they were not treated.

Even today 19 months later, hospitals still withhold effective treatment from Covid patients.  There have been effective treatments available the entire time, but to acknowledge the fact would have foreclosed the mRNA “vaccine.”  

Normally it takes many years to get a vaccine approved.  It has to go through many tests and steps.  The mRNA “vaccines” were rushed into use under the provision for emergency use authorization.  That authorization requires that there are no known cures.

Thus CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO, allied as they are with Big Pharma, refused to acknowledge two safe and long-used drugs that are so safe that they are available for over-the-counter purchase  in most countries—HCQ and Ivermectin—which are both Covid cures and Covid prevention.  The Tokyo Medical Association has authorized all Japanese doctors to use Ivermectin as a Covid cure.  In India Ivermectin was used in most provinces to stop Covid in its tracks.  In African countries impacted by malaria HCQ is taken weekly as a preventative, and Covid cases are few.  In African countries where River Blindness is a problem, Ivermectin is taken weekly or bi-weekly, and there are few Covid cases.  This information has been withheld from the American and Western publics by the presstitue media.  Both cures have been demonized by the American medical establishment and the scum presstitutes.  Even today hospitals refuse to treat dying patients with these sure-fire cures.  Moreover, either taken weekly would provide a hundred times more protection from Covid than the dangerous and ineffective mRNA “vaccines” and cost a small fraction of the amount spent on the Pfizer and other “vaccines.”

Clearly without any doubt one agenda served by the orchestrated “pandemic” and controlled narrative is the profits of Big Pharma, especially Pfizer.

Clearly without any doubt another agenda served by the orchestrated “pandemic” is authoritarian control over populations in democratic countries.  Today Western peoples have lost the right to hold government accountable  and instead are held accountable by government for not being vaccinated and wearing masks.  The civil liberties achieved over centuries of struggle have been lost to an orchestrated pandemic.

The profit agenda and the control agenda are completely obvious.  The question before us is: Is there a darker agenda?  Are the conspiracy theories real?

When you consider the intentional orchestration of a fearful pandemic, the intentional withholding of cures, the intentional vaccination with a substance that does not protect but does produce serious side effects and release new variants, it is reasonable to suspect that something is afoot beyond profit and control.

Bill Gates whose extraordinary fortune allows him entry anywhere has been going on for years about population control.  It is highly suspected by top-ranked scientists that the spike protein in the mRNA “vaccine” accumulates in the ovaries and results in infertility.  We now have several thousand cases of pregnant women losing babies to the “vaccine.”

We have the Nazi Klaus Schwab, creator and director of the World Economic Forum and author of The Great Reset who has been organizing, cultivating, and indoctrinating Western elites for decades that the New World Order should consist of elite rule, not democracy and constitutions that protect individuals.  I was once invited to a Davos meeting, but they saw that they could not recruit me, and I have never been invited back.

Think how easily civil liberty, one of mankind’s greatest achievements, can be erased by creating a prestigious  forum to which only the elite and their obedient intellectual servants are invited where they are told that they are the natural rulers and all they need in order to take power is a world crisis, or at least a Western crisis.  

As a person who for my readers’ sake watches all I can closely, I can say that the glory of the Western world, the idea that merit, not birth, or any other accidental quality such as skin color or gender, is the basis of success is a dead idea.  Today in the US, and as far as I can see throughout the Western world, merit is considered a white racist concept that justifies “white supremacy.” 

In the US, and I suspect everywhere in the Western world, merit systems have and are being replaced by other criteria for success, such as non-white skin color, non-straight sexual preference, new invented genders.  

The United States of America now has a presidency that was stolen.  It has an administration chosen on the basis of  anti-white racial, anti-heterosexual sexual, and anti-male/female gender preferences.  The Biden Regime is a government that in my grandparents day would have caused Americans to march on Washington, burn the city down, and kill everyone in it.

In America today the only few leaders are at the state level, and the illegitimate Biden regime has them in its sights.  

Republican Governor DeSantis of Florida was the first to rebel at the hospitals’ murder of Covid patients.  DeSantis established clinics all over Florida to give patients monoclonal antibodies.  DeSantis’ sensible approach spread to Texas and Alabama.

The Republican governors’ reward for saving lives was to have their supply of monoclonal antibodies cut 50% by the illegitimate, criminal, murderous Biden Regime.  The Democrat regime cut the allocation of the cure to Republican governors. The utterly corrupt Biden regime justified the cut to Florida on Florida’s lack of a vaccination mandate. The White House claims that Florida is using too much of “limited supplies” of monoclonal antibodies because it doesn’t have a vaccine mandate.    

Why is the cure limited but not the ineffectual and dangerous “vaccine?”  

Governor DeSantis has appealed to GlaxoSmithKline to sell the state the Covid cure so that Florida can prevent the dangerous vaccine from destroying the Florida population and terminating civil liberty in Florida, which seems to be the intent of the corrupt and illegitimate Biden regime. 

The monoclonal antibodies were used to treat President Trump and cannot be prohibited by hospital protocols.  DeSantis can give the OK to Ivermectin and HCQ but apparently has yet to find a way to impose this successful, safe treatment on hospitals which operate according to Big Pharma’s protocol which is backed up by CDC, NIH, and FDA.

DeSantis is also under attack for not permitting in Florida the mask mandates that are mandatory in Democrat states that have gone totally totalitarian. For now a Federal Court has ruled in DeSantis’ favor.  But the Democrats who brought the case against Florida’s ban against mask mandates are hoping Biden will overrule Florida’s laws with a Federal edict or contrived court case.  

In other words, the Biden regime is determined and will use every power it can find or invent in order to prevent governors from protecting their state populations from Covid, from the dangerous mRNA vaccine, and from the tyranny of authoritarianism.  

How much more proof do you need to comprehend that the Biden regime intends to destroy our health and our freedom?  Are Americans capable of understanding the situation they are in?

At least in Australia, Europe, and England they are in the streets protesting. In America the dumbshit sheeple are lining up for the Death Shot.





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