The Future of This Website

The Future of This Website

Dear Readers:

As of 2:12 US East Coast time on December 6, this website has had 4,495,316 visits in 2019, half from the US and half from abroad. That number places this website in the highest visibility rank that an individual’s website can attain.

The question keeps coming up whether the site should be monetized by accepting ads. I prefer not to clutter up such a clean and easy to use website with advertisements. Moreover, I am not writing for advertisers. I am writing for you. Reader support is what makes me willing to do the work and accept the slings and arrows. Also, ads can result in content censorship by advertisers. Google, apparently, is notorious for this.

The site is financially supported by about one-tenth of one percent of those who read it. Let’s raise that small percentage a little bit and keep the website clean and independent.


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