Big Pharma and Its Shills Are Having to Adjust their Covid Fiction to the Facts

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Big Pharma and Its Shills Are Having to Adjust their Covid Fiction to the Facts

Paul Craig Roberts

With people suddenly dropping dead all over the mRNA-vaccinated world, with oncologists reporting massive increases in cancers, turbo-cancers never previously encountered, with studies documenting menstrual and fertility problems with Covid-vaccinated women, with young children having heart attacks, with a new form of blood clots that look like linguine, with outbreaks of Guillain-Barre syndrome and neurological ailments, myocarditis, pericarditis, spinal cord and brain inflammations, and every other kind of health horror, a controlled narrative explanation is needed. 

Big Pharma is dealing with the problem by rounding up a collection of its grant-bribed medical researches to admit the problem but to trivialize  it as “rare.” 

From all appearances Big Pharma put together an international study by 21 medical “scientists” that concluded from 99 million vaccinated individuals that the mRNA vaccines have “rare” harmful effects. 

The study concluded that “safety signals” (note the euphemism) existed for all the mRNA vaccines “for myocarditis,  pericarditis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Other potential safety signals that require further investigation were identified. “ 

This might not be what Big Pharma, the NIH, CDC, FDA, and the corrupt money-driven American medical establishment wanted to hear, but the presstitutes fixed it for them.

Jason Gale at Bloomberg news reports that the vaccine study found links to adverse impacts on health, but the cases were small in number, “rare events.” 

The professional liar, Fact, reported: “Study Largely Confirms Known, Rare COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects.”  

Note “largely” and “rare.”  In other words the failure of the “vaccine” is not a big deal.  Neither is its deadly effects which have killed more people than the virus itself.

In the opening sentences of its coverup for the deadly “vaccine”, discounts the “rare” side effects with the false argument that the virus “has killed millions of people globally and would likely have killed millions more without the arrival of the vaccines. There is a broad consensus from experts and governmental health agencies that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the risks.”  

In other words, the factcheck whores are intentionally lying.  It is now known and admitted that the vaccine did not protect against Covid, did not prevent transmission, and  that the virus itself was not very deadly, with most deaths occurring among elderly and ill people with compromised immune systems, and among people who were denied effective and available treatments, instead being hastened to their deaths with ventilators.

What has happened to destroy the character of Americans so thoroughly that they lie for money at the expense of truth and the lives of people and have the audacity to call themselves “fact checkers”?

There are some important things here for our notice. First, the authorities are admitting that the independent scientists, the relatively few who are not on the payrolls of Big Pharma and its medical industry vassals, are vindicated.  The independent scientists said without hesitation that the mRNA “vaccines” would have the effects that have now been acknowledged by a corrupt medical establishment.

Second, there are large numbers of scientists, doctors, and presstitutes  who will sell out truth for money, such as those who describe people dropping dead on a daily basis as “rare” when it it happening all over the vaccinated world. Once upon a time long time ago science was funded by university budgets. Now science is funded by outside interests with agendas and is thoroughly corrupted.

Third, the entirety of the Western media, incompetent in every hard subject, is content to be fed the approved narrative and regurgitates it to the population that sits in front of the TV screen, listens to NPA or reads the NY times.

The result is a population devoid of accurate and true information and incapable of realizing it.

Americans, indeed the entirety of the Western World, and perhaps Russia herself, are sitting ducks for the next orchestrated pandemic.

Will it be an ebola one? If so, what is the role of the Chinese scientists in Canada who sent illegally the ebola virus to Wuhan?  

Canadian lab that handles world’s deadliest viruses tightens security after investigation finds researchers with connections to the Chinese government and military gained access and MAILED live Ebola virus to Wuhan: 

Why are Western governments violating law and conducting illegal biowarfare research?  Why does Congress do nothing about it?

Why do Western peoples not know and not care?

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