Secretary Blinken Announces Warhawk Nuland’s Resignation

Secretary Blinken Announces Warhawk Nuland’s Resignation

Paul Craig Roberts

In a surprise statement this morning Secretary of State Blinken announced the resignation of Under Secretary Victoria Nuland to take place “in the coming weeks.” 

The announcement is a surprise for many reasons.  Nuland is the primary and best-placed operative of the neoconservatives’ control over US Foreign Policy.  Moreover, things are going well for her war agenda.  For a year of longer she has been advocating for supplying Ukraine with long range missiles, and now German generals are recorded talking about doing so.  She has pushed for NATO troops for Ukraine, and Washington’s French puppet has called for this step to be taken. 

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Nuland has seen the opportunity to expand the conflict to an attack on Iran, long a neoconservative agenda.  The war has already expanded into Yemen, and there are reports that Israel intends to expand the war into Lebanon against Hezbollah, an Iranian ally.  

Why would a neoconservative in an influential and powerful position on the verge of achieving neoconservative goals resign?

Another puzzle is Blinken’s resignation announcement.  No reason is given.  The announce is full of praise for Nuland, but there is no expression of regret of her leaving.  Instead, there is only this: “We are so grateful for Toria’s service” (Toria is Victoria’s nickname).

My quarter century experience in Washington tells me that Blinken has just told Nuland that she is fired.  

I have seen no US news reports of Nuland’s resignation/firing.  This is amazing. The principle architect of Washington’s aggressive foreign policy toward Russia and Iran is removing herself, or is being removed, from a powerful office without explanation, and the presstitutes are silent?

I think it is too much to hope that the Democrats, a collection of bird brains, realized that Nuland was the face of the war party and that the Democrats could not survive that face in the upcoming elections.  After the many years of demonization of Putin, Russia, and Iran, how can the effects of such demonization suddenly be called off?

Another puzzle is the absence of reporting in the presstitute media of Blinken’s announcement of Nuland’s resignation. RT mentioned it and Gilbert Doctorow on his personal site.  Apparently, the official narrative hasn’t yet been prepared and handed to the presstitutes. 

It will be interesting to see what the official narrative is.

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