Illegal Immigration Is an American Profit-Making Industry

Illegal Immigration Is an American Profit-Making Industry

Paul Craig Roberts

James O’Keefe explains that nothing can be done about illegal immigration because a huge American profit-making industry is behind it.

Americans are getting rich selling out their own country.  This is a fact, not misinformation or a conspiracy theory.  There are Americans so corrupt that they sell out their own country, their children and friends, and themselves.  How can a country have national defense when its own citizens are its worst enemy?

O’Keefe reports that the “coyotes” making money by smuggling immigrant-invaders into the US are a small part of the problem.  The vast majority of the 7,300,000 immigrant-invaders brought in during the Biden regime have been brought in by an organized profit-making industry that includes law firms, NGOs, UN, EU, federal, state, and local US governments, accommodation and food providers, health care including Medicaid and Medicare.  O’Keefe is exposing this and is experiencing armed intervention against his reporters from “humanitarian nonprofit programs.”

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O’Keefe will do more to expose this than Donald Trump and the Republicans.  The presstitute media that dumbshit Americans sit in front of being indoctrinated and brainwashed will remain silent.

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