The Death of Justice in the Western World

The Death of Justice in the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts

British courts have cooperated with Washington’s police state for years by keeping Julian Assange in captivity while pretending to give him every benefit of the doubt in the extradition case.  Of course, the law is clear that he should not be turned over to revengeful Washington, but Britain is not independent of Washington and is merely going through motions that keep Assange in captivity.

It seems clear that Washington and London are conspiring to break the spirit of those Americans and British who still hope that their governments are capable of delivering justice.  A demoralized people are easier coerced into tyranny, which is where the entirety of the Western world is headed.

So much is already lost.  One would have thought that the US and British media would have been fierce in Assange’s defense if only in order to protect its power to hold government accountable and to protect itself.  After all, the New York Times and The Guardian and other news organizations published the documents that Wikileaks released, for which Assange is in captivity.  Yet until recently when the New York Times, Guardian, and a few other news organizations made a weak request that the extradition  case against Assange be dropped, the US and British media were faithful carriers of the official narrative that Assange was a rapist, a Russian spy, and a hacker of US national security secrets, such as Washington’s hidden war crimes and deceit of its allies.

Washington is after Assange for more than revenge.  They are teaching journalists a lesson that they are no longer allowed to hold government accountable when the government commits crimes.  In other words, the criminalization of government is being institutionalized.  That is what the Assange case is about.  Justice along with truth is being eliminated from the Western world. 

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