The Rapidly Emerging Rule of Tyranny in the West

The Rapidly Emerging Rule of Tyranny in the West

Paul Craig Roberts

An 18 year old mother put her baby in a dumpster with a trash compactor. The police found the baby’s remains wrapped in a mattress protector inside a zipped-up duffel bag. Evil must have taken a large step forward for a mother to do this to her baby. 

I can imagine Jakayla Williams thinking that if she had aborted the baby there would be no complaint, so why can’t she put the baby in the dumpster?

Legalized abortion, that is legalized murder, has left women insensitive to murder.  Consequently, murder is becoming legalized outside abortion. For example, Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, and our Great Country America vetoes the UN resolutions against Israel’s genocidal murder of the Palestinians.  Washington has redefined genocide as “self-defense” by the Israelis committing the genocide.

The atrocities  are beyond belief.  The Israelis are committing genocide of the Palestinians and the Democrat regime here vetos UN cease fire resolutions. But an 18 year old black American woman is going to be tried for first degree murder because she waited too long before she aborted her baby. How can this be that the Israeli and US governments can murder at will, but if a black woman disposes of her baby after the expiration of the “use by” date of her legal right to murder, she is a murderess?

And look what the Great British and American Democracies have done to Julian Assange.  Imprisoned in one form or the other for 12 years without any charges being brought.  It is just like medieval times when feudal lords at their whim threw people in dungeons for keeps.  

The latest reports show that the Democrats are spending massive amounts of our money suppressing truth and financing the recruitment and provisioning of the immigrant invaders from 160 countries that are overrunning our country.  According to official, understated, figures, each year Biden is bringing in immigrant-invaders in numbers equal to 12 cities the size of Pittsburg Pennsylvania.  So, 24 cities in two years, 36 cities in 3 years, and dumbshit Americans vote for Demorats who are stealing their country from them.

How can a people as indoctrinated and brainwashed as Americans  possibly avoid the tyranny that is rapidly descending on them?  Many Americans have difficulty being realistic about government.  They think government is there to serve them. It is not. Many decades ago Albert Jay Nock made that clear in the classic book, Our Enemy, The State.

The trust that Americans place in official narratives is extraordinary. Americans  fell for 9/11, for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, for the “Covid Pandemic” hoax and the mRNA deadly vaccine.  Our government wouldn’t lie to us, many say as they sit in front of CNN, Fox News, listen to NPR, read the New York Times and program themselves into mindlessness.

I recently  read a letter from a US Senator to a federal agency demanding to know why the agency was financing research in Wuhan, China, focused on weaponizing bird flu.  She hasn’t had a reply. Are the elite going to release weaponized bird flu on us in 2025?  By then will it be a criminal offense to refuse the vaccine?

Bill Gates has made it clear that the elite’s agenda is to kill off most of the world population.   Mike Benz recently explained to Tucker Carlson the controls being put in place to prevent  one word of truth being spoken in resistance to the tyranny that is prepared for us. 

The official narrative is that people are killing the planet by causing global warming.  To save the planet people have to be eliminated.  Here we face not Israel’s genocide of a couple of million Palestinians, but the elite’s genocide of 7.5 billion people. Those advocating the genocide of humanity are not held accountable.  Instead, they are respectable leaders of mankind.

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