US Government Arrogance Unparalleled in History

US Government Arrogance Unparalleled in History

Paul Craig Roberts

The Roman Emperor who allegedly appointed his horse to the Roman Senate has long been a hallmark of arrogance.  The US State Department has now exceeded it by declaring that Russian President Putin’s gift of a car to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un violated “international sanctions.”  Washington’s sanctions are “international” sanctions that prohibit the President of Russia, an independent country, from giving a present to the leader of another independent country.  There you have it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington were to tell Putin that brushing his teeth violates international sanctions.

Russia should never have honored such a charge with a reply.  Instead, Putin should have given Kim Jong-un another car.  But if a reply was made, it should have ridiculed Washington’s assumption that the US controlled Putin’s gift-giving.  Instead, the usually astute Maria Zakharova fell into the trap and disputed that Russia had violated “international” sanctions, thus placing Russia on the defensive about the power Washington wields over Putin’s personal decisions.

Now the President of Russia has committed a new crime.  He gave a present disapproved by Washington to another head of state.

What image does Washington’s attempt to micro-manage Putin’s personal behavior create of the United States?  Is Washington going to further emphasize its impotence by imposing more ineffectual and pointless sanctions?

Will Washington ever stop making a fool of America?



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