Sexualization of Children Has Replaced Education

Sexualization of Children Has Replaced Education

Paul Craig Roberts

In New Hampshire a state representative read to the House sexually explicit passages from school materials for middle school kids. Clearly these materials are part of the sexually grooming of kids for pedophiles.  Democrats objected to the reading but were voted down.

Bussing was the method of racially integrating schools. The result was to destroy Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA).  Consequently, parents lost contact with teachers and influence over what is taught. Now the schools are in the hands of those busy at work sexualizing children.  This is the main achievement of school integration along with the complete collapse in educational standards.  School integration not only is a total failure.  It did massive harm.

Watch the short video of the state representative attempting to read from the sexually explicit material the schools give to children.

I honestly think that it is the purpose of Democrats to turn public schools into brothels. 

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