What is the Democrats’ Playbook?

What is the Democrats’ Playbook?

Paul Craig Roberts

I raised this question in a column or an interview as polls revealed declining public confidence even among Democrats that Biden was fit to serve a second term. I suggested that one possibility would be that a deal would be worked whereby Biden would be moved aside, Kamala would become President, choose Hillary as her Vice President and then resign, having been promised a cabinet or judicial appointment.  This would place in the White House a candidate that Democrats and the presstitutes claim won the 2016 election before Putin allegedly  stole the election for Trump by hacking Hillary’s email.

Evidence that something of this sort might be in the works emerges from the way Biden’s Justice (sic) Department cleared Biden of charges of possession of classified documents more serious than those for which President Trump is being prosecuted.  Biden was vice president with no power to declassify documents.  Moreover, unlike Trump’s documents, which were stored in a secured room in a house in which US Secret Agents were present, Biden’s were scattered about in various insecure locations, including in the trunk of his Corvette in a garage.

Special Counsel Robert Hur cleared Biden from prosecution by finding that Biden was not mentally competent to stand trial.  So how is Biden mentally competent to be President of the United States and to have the nuclear briefcase in his hands?

This is the Democrats’ dilemma.  If Biden is judged capable of continuing as President, Robert Hur’s report comes across as more double standards in which a Democrat president is cleared of charges while a Republican is prosecuted for the same offense.

The Democrats might bank on the presstitutes obfuscating the matter, but even insouciant Americans are likely to notice.  The rest of the world will conclude that Putin was correct when he said he doubted the president was the one really in charge.

As Kamala is not a viable candidate, she in turn would have to be moved aside.  Her resignation would follow her choice of Hillary Clinton as her vice president.  Under the 25th Amendment, when a vice president ascends to the presidency, the vacant office of vice president is filled by the president nominating a candidate, who is then confirmed by the House and Senate.  As the Senate is under Democrat control, and as the House Republicans are filled with Rinos who would confirm Hillary, it is an easily done deal.

Trump himself might prefer the rematch in order to demonstrate a second victory over Hillary, one that the Democrats and media whores can’t again assign to Putin.

Anyhow, this is my take for now.  I will stick with it unless counter-evidence emerges.  


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