Three “Republicans” Refused to Defend the Borders of the United States

Three  House”Republicans” Refused to Defend the Borders of the United States

Paul Craig Roberts

Here are their names:

Tom McClintock, California

Mike Gallagher, Wisconsin

Ken Buck, Colorado

Thanks to these three, the borders of the United States remain wide open.

As I wrote on this website on February 4, “Israel can evict Palestinians from the the Palestinians’ villages in  Palestine.  Tiny Latvia can deport Russian ethnics born in Latvia for not learning to speak Latvian, but mighty America cannot prevent millions of immigrant-invaders from illegally entering the US each year and remaining.”

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The reason is Tom McClintock, Mike Gallagher, and Ken Buck, who have failed their country.

They have contrived “constitutional” arguments, probably written for them by the Biden regime, as to why it would be a bad thing to protect US borders and the national identity of the United States.  Be careful, they say, impeachment could be used against Republicans.  Are they so stupid not to know that impeachment was twice used against Republicans in President Trump’s first term?  Are they so unaware that they do not understand that the open border is being used against Republicans?

Where does the Republican Party find morans like Tom McClintock, Mike Gallagher, and Ken Buc?  How can we be expected to support a party that has this kind of mental trash in it?

We Americans need a real opposition party.  But it is impossible.  Any real leaders who arose would be framed up by the FBI and indicted by one of George Soros district attorneys.  

If Trump is permitted to win, how is he going to govern?  Who can he rely on to help him?  Certainly not the Republicans who have done little to defend him and who stand aside and let Democrats steal elections. The Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell totally opposes Trump. Yet despite his opposition to the clear choice of the American people McConnell remains the Republican leader of the Senate.

The Republican establishment is not for Trump, because he is not one of them.  

If he is permitted to be elected, how is Trump to govern when he has both political parties against him, an outsider who has declared his intention to put the interests of American citizens above the interests of the ruling establishment?

The establishment says, “NO,” the country belongs to us and we are keeping it that way.  Where is the force to stop them?

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