White Liberals Are Destroying White  America

White Liberals Are Destroying White  America

The Anti-White Democrat Media and Educational institutions Are Destroying We the People and Our Country

Paul Craig Roberts. 

The Biden Regime’s threats to Texas for daring to protect America’s borders leads me again to thoughts about the so-called “civil war,” which was an invasion of a country, the Confederate States of America, by the United Stares of America, a false name as the states were disunited by the Morrill Tariff.

What was at stake was economic interests.  The North intended to use the South to bear the tax burden of northern development and prosperity at the expense of the South’s impoverishment. The battle had gone on for decades prior to the War of Northern Aggression, almost resulting in armed conflict in the decades prior to 1861.  It was the Morrill Tariff  passed by the US Senate on March 2, 1861, two days before Lincoln’s inauguration, endorsed by Lincoln in his inauguration address, that provoked secession by the Southern states targeted for economic exploitation as they lacked the votes in Congress to prevent  the passage of the Morrill Tariff.

Here is the true factual story, quite different from the intended lies, designed to demonize white Southern Americans, that are taught in US universities, the NY Times 1619 project, and in US public schools:  https://metropolis.cafe/2003/03/02/lincolns-tariff-war-march-2-1861/ 

In total violation of all known facts and the clear historical record, US universities teach the extraordinary lie, that has zero evidence, that the so-called “civil war,” which it most certainly was not, was a Moral Crusade by Moral Northerners to end the slavery perpetrated by evil white racist Southerners.  This lie has become the basis of US university departments, especially the totally corrupt Black History departments.  

The corrupt people who originated and perpetuate this lie ignore that the North had no grounds for starting a war against a practice that was not only completely legal, but was also protected under the US Constitution.  Lincoln said himself in his inaugural address that he neither had the Constitutional power nor the inclination to abolish slavery.  He offered the South an additional amendment to the Constitution to protect slavery for all time if only the South remained in the Union and paid the tariff.

This is not my opinion.  I am reporting facts.  It is the history departments and the ‘black studies’ departments that have created total lies designed to demonize and victimize all white Americans.  Are the American people really so utterly stupid to think that Lincoln went to war over an issue that was totally legal?  The US Congress did not pass a law outlawing slavery, an issue the US Constitution left to states.  The North passed a tariff that tripled the tax.

We have reached the point in America’s total collapse that scholarship has degenerated into woke ideology that bears no relationship to truth.

The tariff war culminated in the Morrill Tariff, which caused the secession of the Southern states and the formation of the Confederate States of America. The North invaded, in pursuit of money alone, an independent people who refused to be economically exploited by an immoral North whose culture consisted entirely of the greed for money. The Northern barbarians never had a culture except one of money and greed, and they hated the South for being civilized.  

Here is the history of the decades of tariff dispute between North and South  Notice that there is not one word about slavery mentioned in the conflict.


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