The Biden Regime’s Coup Against Constitutional America Is Leading to Civil War

The Biden Regime’s Coup Against Constitutional America Is Leading to Civil War

It Seems Americans Can Only Save Their Country and Their Freedom by Winning a Civil War that Defeats the Democrat Party’s Coup Against the United States.

Paul Craig Roberts

“President” Joe Biden, who is in office only through electoral fraud, has committed high treason against the United States of America.  Why hasn’t he been arrested and put on trial?

In taking the oath of office Biden is sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States, but he has violated the Constitution, which requires his removal from office and punishment for high treason against the United States.

In addition to violating the Constitution and oath of office, Biden has violated moral and ethical standards and according to abundant evidence felony laws, from the consequences of which he is being protected by the Department of Justice (sic), the FBI, media, and the US Congress.  

This article will not make the full case against Biden.  It will focus on two major treasonous acts. One is that Biden has not only refused to defend US borders, but also he has worked consistently to keep US borders open to massive invasion, fully assisted by his regime, of millions of invaders who are overrunning American cities and communities.  The other is that while leaving America’s borders undefended, Biden has unconstitutionally committed Americans to three wars in defense of the borders of other countries without required Congressional approval. 

That Biden’s extraordinary crimes and violations of the Constitution go unpunished is evidence that the American Constitutional system of government has collapsed.  The US is no longer a republic with a democracy and a rule of law.  America is an unaccountable dictatorship in which American patriots are sentenced to prison for exercising their First Amendment rights.  Trump supporters who exercised their First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly were falsely branded “insurrectionists” and sentenced without evidence to prison. Accusation alone served as “evidence.”

Article IV, section 4 of the US Constitution requires the federal government to protect each state against invasion.  This the Biden regime has steadfastly refused to do, instead aiding and abetting the immigrant-invaders who are overrunning Texas and other states.  Without any doubt, the Biden regime has broken the contract between the federal and state governments.  Biden has openly invited civil war by repeating Abraham Lincoln’s violation of the Constitutional contract between the federal government and the states. Whereas Lincoln only targeted the Southern states, Biden has violated his responsibility to all states. Under Biden’s open border policy, even blue cities, such as Denver, are crying for help against the immigrant-invaders that the federal government is aiding and abetting. 

In response to the federal government’s refusal to protect American borders, Texas governor Greg Abbott has taken steps to defend Texas’ border.  Twenty-five other governors have backed him, some offering to send their state national guard to the defense of Texas.  The traitor in the White House said he would arrest every police officer and every national guardsman who interfered with the success of the immigrant-invaders’ Washington supported invasion.  

In other words, to be clear, the traitorous Biden regime has firmly and completely aligned itself with foreign invaders against American citizens.

Such open high treason is complete evidence that the real enemy of the American people is Washington.

Three liberal Democrat researchers at Yale University have published a report that the number of illegal aliens in the US is more than twice the number of the reported 11 million.  Their figure is north of 22 million.  The announced policy of the Democrat Party is to legalize all of these illegals and give them the right to vote, in the expectation that they will vote Democrat as the Democrats let them in and gave them power.  This means a permanent one-party state, which is a tyranny.

So another crime committed by Biden and the entirety of the Democrat Party is the intentional act of creating a tyranny out of a Constitutional Republic.

Simplicus writes about this at length providing abundant information and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s statement invoking Texas’ Constitutional right to protect Texas’ border, a right challenged by the traitor in the White House and the anti-American, anti-white Democrat party whose overriding goal is to replace the American population. 

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