The Death of Nationality

The Death of Nationality

Paul Craig Roberts

Ethnicity is the basis of countries.  Germany consisted of Germanic people, the German language, and German culture.  The same for France.  The same for England.  The same for the Dutch.  The same for Spain.  The same for Italy.

The US was the exception.  The original English population  became multi-European.  But a process was in place to assimilate them, and they became American.  This tried and true process was abandoned in 1965 when the gates were opened to large scale non-European immigration.  Shortly thereafter, the flood of illegal immigration joined the infusions of alien populations into the US. With the ethnic basis of America in decline, multiculturalism became the new value and took the place of assimilation.  

Today the America of the past and the former ethnic-based European countries would be called apartheid states.  Israel is allowed to have one, but no one else.  

The death of Western nationalities is everywhere to be seen.  A new sign is the death of national armies.  The Biden regime, having driven white heterosexual males from military service by discriminating against them, now speaks of inducting immigrant-invaders in exchange for citizenship.  So is Germany. 

France, Denmark, and Slovakia already permit foreigners who are not citizens to serve in their armies.  In effect, this is reliance on mercenaries and raises questions of security, motivation, and loyalty. It also raises the question of identity.  What meaning does a flag have in a Tower of Babel? 

A nation is more than a geographical location. `A nation exists where there is an ethnic or racial basis for unity despite class differences.  This idea is so far gone in California that the state has passed a law that permits non-citizen immigrant-invaders to serve as police officers, leaving us with the anomaly  of non-citizens arresting citizens.  As it is the practice of the Biden regime to issue work permits to illegals, immigrant-invaders are qualified to be police officers in California. 

Compare this with the Biden Justice (sic) Department’s challenge to the Texas law that permits Texas police officers who are citizens to arrest and deport illegal aliens. 

What the comparison reveals is that citizenship no longer has any meaning.  Indeed, citizenship cannot exist in a country without borders.  Such a country belongs to whoever walks in.  

What does it mean to have a flag and a national anthem when there is no nation? What is the meaning of “national defense” when anyone can walk in? 

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