Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum

Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum

Paul Craig Roberts

The World Economic Forum is the worst source of disinformation in the world.  Even the name is disinformation as it is not a world forum representing the world.  It is a group of stupid American and European corporate executives who have been conned by Klaus Schwab, the world’s worst ego-manic, into believing that you don’t count until you are a member and devote of the WEF. 

Schwab has sold the executive class the line that WEF attendees are members of the most prestigious country club and are members of a privileged caste that exists so far above “useless eaters” that the goal of culling the world population by 7.5 billion people is not shameful. 

At the recent WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Schwab and his devotees took a hit broadside from Jaier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina. Milei told them that the Western world is in danger because the West’s leaders had abandoned freedom and adopted collectivism.  Milei was talking about the WEF.  Either he is a very brave man or he did not realize to whom he was speaking.  I expect that he will have an “airplane accident” or be pushed out of office by some concocted charges from Washington.

Washington’s diminishing influence and power has encouraged other long silent voices in Latin America to speak up.  The distinguished Peruvian, Dr. Victor Andres Belaunde Gutierrez, took up Milei’s theme and unloaded on the WEA groupies as disgraceful and shameful:

“The demonstrations of frivolity and intellectual mediocrity that the famous forum emits are increasingly scandalous. For example, the impression that the prostitute traffickers make during these meetings – why not some orgies while we save the world with 2100 euro-a-night women?”

“The pitiful spectacle of a supposed witch, sorceress, or God knows what, emitting sounds and spitting on the faces of some panelists, is decidedly pathetic. I cannot conceive how a person who has any notion of self-respect, would tolerate being a part of pranks of that caliber. Can people who willingly participate and applaud such farces be recognized as serious?”

“Have they no shame? Is it that their need to belong to the cool people of the planet is so powerful? – Is it that the cool and sophisticated is now inevitably ridiculous and shameful?” 

The WEA is an anti-human cult devoted to the destruction of freedom and human life.  In my opinion, it would be wondrous if the next time the collection of stupid and evil beings assemble, Russia, China, or Iran would launch a missile attack that completely destroys the WEF.  They won’t because Russia, China, and Iran view the WEF as an ally in the destruction of the West. This is a mistake, because the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian populations are also fated to be culled. Judging by the effort of the World Health Organization, the WEF’s ally, to centralize in its hands the health protocols of the entire world and its forecast of a doomsday pandemic, the culling device will be a biowarfare pathogen released on the world.  

No Western legislature is doing anything to shut down the illegal labs. As Russia knows where many of the illegal biowarfare laboratories are located, Russia should take them out with missile strikes.  Evil has to be confronted and overcome or evil will prevail.  

Evil has already recruited the corporate and political leadership of the Western world.  How much more advantage shall we permit Evil before we are overcome?

Read Peter Koenig’s account in Global Research:

There is abundant evidence that the plan is in place to release a more deadly virus in 2025.  See, for example: 

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