Some Prices the Year I Was Born

Some Prices the Year I Was Born

Pau Craig Roberts

gallon of milk 48 cents
loaf of bread 8 cents
dozen eggs 36 cents
2 postage stamps 3 cents
gallon of gasoline 19 cents

minimum wage  30 cents an hour
New car $680
New home $3,850
Average income $2,163
Dow Average 134
The price of gold $35 per ounce
Price of gold today $2,038 per ounce
The price of silver $1 per ounce
Price of silver today $23 per ounce

I worked the summer of 1956 in a cotton mill for $1 an hour. My take-home pay after tax was $33 for a 40 hour week.

The Federal Reserve created by Jewish bankers to protect their fraudulent schemes destroyed the value of paper money.

And now they are going to destroy your remaining financial independence by putting you on digital currency that can be turned off to control and to punish you for non-woke opinions and behavior.

1913 was the year that destroyed America. The dumbshit population agreed to the income tax and to the Federal Reserve. Clearly, Americans were far too insouciant to remain a free people.

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