Democrats Have Resurrected Law as a Weapon that Serves Power instead of Justice


Democrats Have Resurrected Law as a Weapon that Serves Power instead of Justice

Paul Craig Roberts

Fani Willis, the incompetent and apparently corrupt black female Atlanta district attorney reportedly put in office by George Soros’ billions, is in more hot water than Trump is in from her fabricated case against him.  Fani appointed  Nathan Wade, who is believed to be her lover, special prosecutor to aid in Trump’s kangaroo trial.  According to county records reviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton County paid Wade $654,000 in tax payers’ money since January 2022. The money  appears to be what financed the couple’s lavish vacations.  The white liberal Democrats are disturbed that Willis was so stupid as to damage her case against Trump by destroying her credibility and public perception of her integrity.

Fani’s defense is, of course, that the race card is being played against her as she and her lover are black.  There are two ways you can look at her self-justification.  One is that blacks have learned from Jews that a claim of victimhood is a shield against being held accountable.  The other is that she has no comprehension of acceptable behavior for public officials.

We have an interesting situation in which the prosecutions at the state and county level against Trump are in the hands of black women put in office by George Soros.  Why is Soros doing this?  Some people think that Soros himself got away with stealing his billions from the Bank of England via his manipulation of the British currency.  Where was James Bond when the British needed him?

Criminal justice in America is in a serious situation when one billionaire can staff up state and local district attorneys with blacks taught to hate “white exploiters” who are sicced on Trump, his attorneys, and his supporters.  The trials are unconstitutional, because a black jury consisting of people taught to hate “white racists” does not constitute a “jury of peers” for a white person.

What happened to the justice system that a president of the US finds himself the target of weaponized law used for racial, ideological, and political reasons, and there is not a peep from law schools, bar associations, judges, or media? How can citizens have confidence in the veracity of prosecutions, the veracity of judges, law schools, bar associations? 


“Fulton County Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade allegedly did not disclose payments he received from working on the racketeering case against former President Donald Trump to his wife, leaving her without financial support throughout their divorce proceedings, according to a court document obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Wade, who was appointed to work on Trump’s case by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, is allegedly romantically involved with her and used the compensation he received from his position to take her on cruises and vacations, according to a motion filed Monday by a Trump co-defendant. In separate filings for his divorce case obtained by the DCNF, Wade’s wife alleges he did not disclose to her over $700,000 in earnings from the county.

“Wade’s wife alleges he has continued to draw from her bank account, leaving it “routinely overdrawn” despite “the clear inequity in financial circumstances.” His wife has been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years and relied on Wade for support during the course of their marriage, according to the filing.

“Willis was subpoenaed earlier this week to testify in Wade’s divorce proceedings, according to CNN.

“Wade filed for divorce on November 2, 2021, the day after his contract with Willis began, according to court filings. He had his divorce case sealed on February 10, 2022, according to the Monday motion filed by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman.

“Republican US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sent a criminal referral Wednesday to Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr asking for an investigation into Willis and expressing “serious concerns” about the allegations. Greene suggested Willis could have violated a number of Georgia statutes, including violations of public oath, bribery, improper influence of a government official and more.” 

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