Reposted to correct faulty editing : Washington Escalates the Middle East Conflict


Reposted to correct faulty editibg:

Washington Escalates the Middle East Conflict

Paul Craig Roberts

As I expected, Washington is moving the conflict toward Iran.

Washington chose this moment to escalate in order to direct the news away from Israel’s trial in the International Court of Justice. Regardless, Washington’s neoconservatives intended escalation from the beginning of the Israeli-Hamas war.

It has been clear to me since 9/11 in 2001 that  neoconservative dominance in Washington guaranteed we were on a road to escalation that would eventually reach Armageddon.  The world is going to be victimized by the incapacity of the American political and intellectual classes to think clearly and honestly.  We are approaching Armageddon because US foreign policy serves Israeli expansion, not peace.

Washington has now launched air and naval attacks on Yemen.  Sadeh, Zubaydah, Abs, Bani, Sana, Hudaydah, and Taiz have been attacked by American forces, initiating yet another war without Congressional approval, a branch of the US government emptied of power.  The New York Times, of course, blames the expansion of the conflict on the Houthis for interfering with shipping to Israel.  With any luck, the fools in Washington will topple all of the US puppets in the Middle East.  Even Bahrainis are in the streets today protesting Bahrain’s participation in Washington’s attack on Yemeni territory.

The price of oil increased in response to the American attacks.  Oil kingdoms, such as Saudi Arabia and Oman, are beginning to feel rocky as a result of their alignment with Washington against the Houthis.  The White House fool says it is the Houthis’ attacks that are reckless, not Washington’s. The New York Times and the rest of the Western media have gone to work placing all blame on the Houthis  The Houthis have announced that as a result of the US/UK strikes on Yemen “all American and British interests have become legitimate targets.” You can see where this is going. 

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