Jews Question the Holocaust Narrative

Jews Question the Holocaust Narrative

Paul Craig Roberts 

Was the Holocaust a marketing device in service to the Zionist agenda?  Only Jews can investigate this question as gentiles are too intimidated and brainwashed to investigate. In European countries it is dangerous to investigate Holocaust claims, because anything less than a regurgitation of the official narrative brings a prison sentence.  A person might think that if the official story is true, Zionists would want it investigated.  It would be a great victory for Zionists if the Holocaust were investigated by objective gentile scholars and found to be true.  Instead, there is an Iron Curtain of censorship preventing any investigation of the claims.

Consequently, the only people who can investigate the Holocaust are Jews.  Norman Finkelstein calls the Holocaust an “industry.”  Ron Unz, quotes many Jewish dissenters from the story and himself comes to remarkable conclusions.

Why is the question important?  Every country has its national myths, so why shouldn’t Zionist Israel?

The problem with national myths, or some of them, is that false portrayals of history can coerce people into living a false reality.  Consider, for example, “American Exceptionalism,” a creation of American liberal interventionists.  This concept was transformed by neoconservatives into Washington’s hegemony over American citizens and the world.  It has become a dangerous ideology promising nuclear conflict with Russia and China.

The Holocaust has a similar implication.  If the Holocaust justifies any and all Israeli actions, normal constraints on the outbreak of war are set aside.  The consequences, as we see in Gaza, can be horrific.

Countries need a good opinion of themselves even if they don’t deserve it.  But the arrogance and hubris associated with self-justification need to be restrained by a realistic view.  The problems between people and countries come from one or both parties having unrealistic views of their responsibility for the conflict.  In a world in which weapons have the capability of ending all life, we must give priority to realism.

And we have so little of it.  The official narrative of the so-called “American civil war” is false. The official narrative of WW I is false.  The official narrative of WW II is false. The official narratives of President John F. Kennedy’s assignation and that of his brother are false.  The official narrative of the Waco massacre is false.  The official narrative of 9/11 is false.  The official narrative of the “Covid pandemic” is false.  And so on.  Every country has its own false narratives.  

The accumulation of false narratives creates a false understanding, the consequence being that people end up living in a historically false reality.  If reality cannot be perceived, its demands cannot be understood and faced.  This is where we stand today.

With false portrayals of reality all around us, it is possible that the Holocaust is just another one.  But only Jews can look into the question as Ron Unz does here  and  here .


Among the large numbers of anomalies in the Holocaust narrative is the established fact that Field Marshall Erhard Milch, Goering’s number-two commander in the Luftwaffe, was Jewish as were large numbers of high-ranking officers and 150,000 German troops:

“Yet another strange element, thoroughly documented but rather difficult to square with the traditional Holocaust narrative is that large numbers of part-Jewish Germans served loyally in Hitler’s armies, with some of them holding very high military ranks:

“Consider the interesting case of Field Marshal Erhard Milch, Hermann Goering’s very powerful number-two in the German Luftwaffe. His father was certainly a Jew, and according to researchers Robert Wistrich and Louis Snyder, there is archival evidence that his mother was Jewish as well. Now it is certainly not impossible that a Third Reich supposedly dedicated with grim fanaticism to the extermination of each and every Jew might have spent the entire war with a full- or half-Jew near the absolute top of its military hierarchy, but surely that puzzling anomaly would warrant careful explanation, and Milch’s apparent Jewish background was certainly known during the Nuremberg Trials…

“Indeed, the fascinating and widely-praised 2002 book Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg notes that aside from Milch, Hitler’s military contained over a dozen half-Jewish generals and admirals and another dozen quarter-Jews of that same high rank, plus a total of roughly 150,000 additional half- or quarter-Jewish soldiers, with a large fraction of these being officers. All of these individuals would have had some fully-Jewish parents or grand-parents, which seems decidedly odd behavior for a regime supposedly so focused on the total eradication of the Jewish race.

“I discussed all of these issues and many others as well in my very long 2018 article, as well as a related piece published the following year.” — Ron Unz

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