Norman Finkelstein Is Perhaps the Most Honest Scholar Alive

Norman Finkelstein Is Perhaps the Most Honest Scholar Alive

Paul Craig Roberts

Norman Finkelstein is a Jew and his parents, if you believe in the Holocaust, were Holocaust Survivors.  Nevertheless, Norman Finkelstein tells the truth about Israel, which cost him the withdrawal of his tenure at a chickenshit Catholic university, the president of which gave in to the Israel Lobby’s objection to Finkelstein’s election by the university faculty to a tenured position. The corrupt and fearful president of the university  cancelled Finkelstein’s tenure as the Zionists demanded.  In America Zionists even rule Catholic universities in addition to the Ivy League and the major state universities, which also cancel tenure of candidates not approved by the Israel Lobby. I have reported instances on this website.

In this short video Finkelstein points out what a pathological liar Hillary Clinton is about Palestine. The Hillary pathological liar claims that Palestinians rejected Israel’s offer that would have given them a two-state solution more than two decades ago. Finkelstein gives pathological liar Hillary both barrels.  

Imagine, the pathological liar Hillary Clinton was the desired President of the United States by feminist women and dumbshit Democrats. What hope is there with a population this totally stupid?

If you want truth and want to live as an aware person independent of The Matrix and its official narratives and “fact-checkers,” you will have to fight for the right not to be an indoctrinated, brainwashed, mindless idiot.

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