The Terror Watchlist Prepared the Way to Tyranny

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The Terror Watchlist Prepared the Way to Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

Did you know that there are 2,000,000 names on the Federal government’s terror watchlist?  The National Security Council claims most are not Americans, but the Department of Homeland Security admits that there have been tens of thousands of Americans who have been treated like terrorists.  It does not occur to the National Security council that there are no terrorist events corresponding to two million terrorists.  If there truly were two million terrorists, the US would be in chaos.

So what is the list for?

It expands the security bureaucracy.  The list has grown from 120,000 to two million, seventeen times larger than its original figure.  Is this in response to terrorists events?  You name the events.

The list enables the FBI to pressure people into becoming informants and false witnesses in frame ups by threatening to add them to the terror list,

The list allows authorities to punish and to silence truth-tellers who expose the official narratives for the lies that they are.

You can add your own explanations.

Remember, the Nazi-sounding Department of Homeland Security and the terror watchlist were the creations of 9/11, which was blamed without any evidence on Muslim terrorists when all evidence points to an inside job so that the US could remake the Middle East for Israel.

In other words, a false flag attack was used to strip Americans of their rights to travel.

It is unclear to me how the watchlist can continue to exist after Federal Judge Anthony Trenga declared the watchlist unconstitutional.  Did the federal nazis  appeal his decision and get it over-ruled?

The watchlist is just a way of controlling people.  Its other useful function is to acclimatize Americans to the warrantless  invasion of their privacy  and accustom them to obeying arbitrary orders.  The watchlist is a way of preparing Americans for tyranny. 

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