Unintended Consequences of Israel’s Assault on Palestine

Unintended Consequences of Israel’s Assault on Palestine

Paul Craig Roberts 

According to the Zionist propaganda Hamas is a collection of evil beasts.  How do we reconcile this propaganda with the excellent condition of the Israeli women and children hostages released by Hamas?  

Despite the Israeli devastation of Gaza and murder of Palestinian women and children, Hamas has obtained a victory of sorts.  Netanyahu’s vicious attack on civilians has exposed the underbelly of the Apartheid Zionist State.  It is no longer possible for Israel’s apologists to maintain that “Israel can do no wrong.”

For decades Israel has been slowly but surely squeezing Palestinians out of Palestine.  The world has tolerated it, in part because the Zionist violence was limited in time and extent and the impossible situation papered over with talk about the “two-state solution.”  But this time, the violence is unlimited and has the declared aim of emptying Palestine of Palestinians with Gazans driven into tent cities in Eqypt’s Sinai Desert.  It is not another case of emptying one specific village in the West Bank or a limited incursion into Gaza.  This time the world is faced with a declared Zionist agenda of genocide.

This makes a problem for the Western governments that pretend to support human rights and to deplore war crimes.  It also makes a problem for American evangelicals known as “Christian Zionists.”  Genocide is not something that can be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus.  The evangelicals will have to decide between worshipping Israel and worshipping Jesus.

A consequence of Washington’s wars for Israel in the Middle East is that Western countries are now the homes of millions of Muslim refugees who take umbrage to the West’s support of Palestinian genocide.  This introduces into the Western countries  countervailing power at the street level to the Zionist lobby that focuses on controlling the governments.  Western governments now have a new element of instability to manage, and the consequence could be a less one-sided stance toward Zionist Israel.

Not all of Israel is Zionist.  Netanyahu has minority support.  The outcome could be different for Israel than Netanyahu and his US neoconservative allies intended.

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