The Campaign for the Destruction of the West Has Succeeded

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The Campaign for the Destruction of the West Has Succeeded

Paul Craig Roberts

Here is my friend, Balint Vazsonyi, concert pianist, playing Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto, my favorite rendition. Balint escaped from Soviet Hungary during the defeated Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and established himself in the West as a top rank concert pianist.

On Washington weekends in order to introduce my young son to the remnants of civilized life, we would go to the residence of Balint and his highly musically talented wife, Barbara, and Balint and Barbara would play for us. Then we would go to a French restaurant and enjoy the haute cuisine that can no longer be found in American restaurants. My son learned how to order, but what we ordered is no longer available.

Over the course of my life I have watched the American people, indeed, the peoples of the West, abandon civilization and civilized behavior. Today nothing is important throughout the Western World except money. Even people with money don’t care what they look like. People dress like slobs. They behave worse. Four-letter words are common parlance in conversations between men and women. There is no longer such a thing as “polite society.”

Feminism taught women to throw away chastity and to be promiscuous, and with chastity went female modesty. When I walk on the beach, females from young girls to grandmothers are sporting the stripper’s G-String, Their entire buttocks are displayed. The tiny patch in front gets smaller and smaller. Not long ago I saw a young women without a top. She had two strips of tape across her nipples.

It wasn’t that long ago that feminists were claiming the men had turned women into sex objects. What nonsense. What man wants his 14,15,16, 17, 18 year old daughter or his wife displaying their nakedness to the public?

Not long ago there was a news report that a young woman had offered her virginity for sale on the Internet.  I have been trying to imagine what my mother and my aunts’ reaction would have been to such a report.  It is now common for attractive young women in naked provocative poses to advertise online:  “I am selling my pussy.”  Is this a prostitute soliciting customers?  What has become of women?  How did American girls get turned into harlots?

Wherever you look, all standards have come down. It wasn’t that long ago that American women would not appear in pubic or in a department store without being in a suit or a dress with stockings and high heels. Now you can’t tell by looking the rich from the poor.

Sin spreads like contagion when sexual perversion is normalized and when the accumulation of money is the social goal, no matter how it is acquired. The result is that the social resistance to sin and depravity weakens. Today the governments of the Western World cheer on Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians.  “Christian” Evangelical ministers claim that with genocide of the Palestinians, Israel is only taking what God gave them. The fact that God dispelled the Jews for their wickedness is left out of the discussion.

This is so sick that it shows that Christianity is no longer a force for moral, humane behavior. If Israel can exterminate Palestine, anything goes.

For decades the main function of education in the West has been to demonize the West and to present the West as an exploiter of the non-white world. This long-established campaign against the West was intended to destroy the West, not to reform it. The gentile agnostic liberals and the Zionists led the campaign to discredit and undermine the West.

The campaign for the destruction of Western Civilization has succeeded.

Will the neoconservative delusion that Washington is independent of reality and can purchase US hegemony while showing itself to the world as the enabler of Palestine genocide come crashing down?


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