A World Without a Moral Conscience

A World Without a Moral Conscience

Paul Craig Roberts

Today is the 44th day of Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians and destruction of Infrastructure necessary for life.

For 44 days the Great Moralists in Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and the rest of the Western World have cheered on, and sent weapons for, the Israeli Genocide of Palestine. The slaughter now extends from Gaza to the remnants of the West Bank.  

In the US even some Evangelical Christian churches approve of the slaughter and the erasure of Palestine.  The citizens who protest the slaughter and erasure are arrested and blacklisted from jobs.  For someone, such as myself, who once lived in a country where a moral conscience was respected, to experience the indifference of governments, churches, and media to 44 days of genocide is disheartening.

Clearly the Western World is in the grip of Satan.  There is no longer right and wrong and justice, only official narratives.  If you disagree with the official narratives you are suspect.

The Western World has come to its end.  

It has no leaders.

It has no ears to hear the few voices that still exist.

Satan’s hold extends to the Muslim world, which talks but does not act.  Words cannot defend Palestine.  It is pointless to disapprove of something and to do nothing about it.

Russia and China whose own existence is threatened by US/Israeli hegemony over the Middle East also offer nothing but words, words that don’t count because both are demonized and have no inclination to carry the fight to their enemy. Russia and China invite conflict by their adeptness  in avoiding it.

How can murder remain on the books as a capital crime when mass murder is ignored?  We experience so many instances of mass murder.  Mass murder is not limited to Israel’s genocide of Palestinians and Big Pharma, Western governments and “medical authorities” murder of millions with a mandated “Covid vaccine.”  Mass murder is happening all the time.  We accept it as no worse than a rainy day.

The moral conscience of the West has wilted away.  

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