Journalism has been turned into a lie machine

Journalism has been turned into a lie machine

Paul Craig Roberts

Matt Taibbi, one of the few remaining investigative reporters in the United States explains why journalism no longer represents truth.  Instead, journalism supports the agendas of the ruling elite and is organized for the purpose of suppressing truth.

Taibbi was just awarded the inaugural Dao Prize for excellence in investigative journalism.  Read his acceptance speech below, and you will realize that if you rely on the presstitutes you are indoctrinating  yourself.  The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest are used intentionally for disinformation purposes.  In America today, the actual facts are dismissed as lies.  So-called “fact checking” organizations are created for the purpose of burying the facts.  As Taibbi says, what America needs is factual reporting in place of what it is getting–support for elite agendas. 

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