Is a Palestinian Genocide in the making

Is a Palestinian Genocide in the making or an Israeli Defeat?

Paul Craig Roberts

Israel is talking tough–“Israel vows to cut off ‘the head of the snake’ and launch a military attack against Iran if Hezbollah joins the war with Hamas” (  ).  But it is only the economics minister talking, not a military one or Netanyahu.  

The Israeli military is good at murdering children, women and old men and at mass slaughter of civilians and destruction of social infrastructure such as hospitals from a safe distance with bombs and missiles.  But the fighting ability of Israel’s army and its ability to take casualties is in question.  In its encounter with Hezbollah some years ago, the Israeli army was driven from the field.

The Israeli ground invasion of Gaza continues to be delayed.  Israelis are claiming there are not enough flak jackets for their soldiers and America must give Israel more money so they can invade Gaza.  The solidly pro-Israel Biden regime expresses concern that Israel has no workable plan for sending ground forces into Gaza, and are questioning whether the IDF can achieve its goal of annihilating the Hamas militant group.  There is concern that once the Israeli army is in Gaza Hamas will keep it there while Hezbollah overruns the rest of Israel.  Netanyahu is now threatening Hezbollah with nuclear weapons.

Israel’s use of nuclear weapons would leave Israel isolated in the world, which Israel already would be except for Israel’s American puppet state.

Doubts about Israel’s success is why there has been no Israeli land invasion into Gaza.  A possible result could be the destruction of Israel, the result being peace in the Middle East, which would reduce the profits of the US military/security complex and make the US neoconservatives irrelevant, hardly a desirable outcome for the US Establishment, and certainly not a desirable outcome for Israel.

As it currently stands, Hezbollah’s intervention and Iran’s intervention to protect Hezbollah depends on an Israeli invasion of Gaza, not on Israel’s merciless bombing of the civilian population and total destruction of infrastructure. 

Based on available current information, it seems that Israel has formed a new plan, which is to bomb Gaza City in northern Gaza to rubble, killing as many Palestinians as possible and driving the rest into Egypt where the “moral West and the only Middle East democracy” will leave them to die in the Sinai desert.

As Norman Finkelstein told Chris Hedges, no one in the West will do anything about the Palestinian Genocide.  And apparently neither will Hezbollah and Iran unless Israel invades Gaza.

So Israel and the “moral West” are going about it in a different way.

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