The Republicans Will Not Help Us

The Republicans Will Not Help Us

Paul Craig Roberts

All that differentiates Republicans from Democrats is that Republicans are not anti-white Americans determined to turn a white nation into a tower of babel.  Republicans don’t do much to prevent the destruction of white America, but it is not the driving motivation of their politics.

With no ideology or principle other than self-gain, the Republican Party is a weak force to stand against the Democrats’ program of “multiculturalism” in order to rectify “white racism.”

“Patriotism” and campaign donations from the military/security complex insure that Republicans are for war–all wars.  Not even the neoconservatives are more vociferous supporters of war than Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio.  Almost every Republican in Congress subordinates America’s interests and morality to Israel’s demands.  Even Republican presidential contender Ron DeSantis calls for Israel not to hold back in the destruction of Hamas, which, of course, means Palestine, and orders Florida to Assist Israel. So not only the federal government in Washington but also state governments are rushing to Israel’s support in the destruction of Palestine.  This pandering to Israel is standard procedure for American politicians.

DeSantis sees only Israeli deaths, not Palestinian ones. He thinks that in the past Israel hasn’t used enough force against Palestinians: 

DeSantis was a good governor.  He stood up for the normal moral people in Florida against Woke ideologues intending to brainwash Florida’s children that they are white racists and born into the wrong body, and he prevented mandated Covid jabs, lockdowns, and masks.  If he had come out in support of Trump, he would have been the vice presidential nominee and a future president.  Now he, like Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Rinos, has alienated the majority of Republican voters by coming out against Trump.  He is now accusing Trump of being  anti-semitic. It was Trump who broke from the world and served Israel by moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 

The Rinos prevent Republicans from having principled leaders.  Once Jim Jordan secured the nomination for Speaker of the House, the Rinos quickly pushed forward a non-entity as a rival. Now the Rinos by cooperating with Democrats can block the election of an effective Republican leader who is principled and would try to shape the Republican Party into more of an opposition party instead of the go-along-get-along entity that it is. 

The Republican Party is an extremely weak force.  The party stands aside as their President is falsely accused and prosecuted and as Trump appointees, such as General Flynn, and lawyers who defend Trump are falsely accused and indicted.  Even the lawyers who are defending the falsely indicted 18 Trump attorneys are feeling pressure.  The Republican Party is doing nothing to prevent the kangaroo trials of the few principled Republicans who exist.

As the Republican Party will do nothing, the problem is in the hands of the American people.  If they fail to elect Trump President in the next election, they will have committed themselves and all future Americans into tyranny, or, perhaps, civil war.

The American people have been failing in their duty to protect their liberty for many years, due in part to patriotic blindness that sees enemies only abroad and never at home.  Can we have any confidence that Americans will wake up, perceive the real threat, which is not Russia, China, Iran, and Hamas, and arouse themselves to the task of holding on to their liberty?

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